Community Skin Spotlight

From the refined Lady Rek’sai to the utterly terrifying Star Guardian Urgot, we dug up a few of our favorite community-created skin concepts to spotlight! Though we probably won’t be seeing these in-game any time soon, they definitely deserve some love. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! ---- #Reverse Nami "Feet are strange!" _**Concept by [Zeshroom](, animation by [Scurb](**_ #Lady Rek’sai Ever the elegant lady, our Lady Rek’sai! She really dug herself a hole wearing a white dress as the resident Void Burrower, though. _**Art by [CilviaMirell](**_ #Crazy Cat Lady Yorick I bet being a gravedigger is really lonely work. It’s okay, Yorick, we’re not judging you. _**Concept by [TinyCatFace](, art by [slowgun9](**_ #Star Guardian Urgot “Paint me like one of your Demacian girls.” _**Animation by [RedRiot](**_ #Used Car Salesman Tahm Kench Call me mad as a March hare - these are the best automotive deals this here side of the river! _**Art by [DrWafercookies]( **_ #Burgergot Eternal life... endless refills _**Art by [Codeine Demon](**_ #Dog Walker Thresh "Wretched mongrels get the leash." _**Concept by [Chronomaiden](, art by [VegaColors](**_ #Barn, the Sentient Barn Of course Barn isn’t a skin, but we couldn’t have a list of fun community-created concepts and not feature him! Best barn, barn none. _**Concept by [MyNameIsDonovan](, art by [Zeriel00](**_
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