Irelia supreme skin concept

Theme - not sure yet, but I think battle bunny would fit good cause it just create more excuse for what it comes, but a completly new unseen theme wold be great (still want a battle bunny irelia) - Maybe a new musical band with her also as main vocalist!? - Dance Master Irelia!? What would make it to fit in supreme tier and make it unique - Irelia would have 42 animations for dances (as a reference for her story), (good luck for the one that will design the skin btw), acutally just think about it, would be actually pretty cool, and you could choose what dance she have from a special menu similar to Elementalist Lux, each dance will have a special icon to slighty indicate wich one she will do, she can even get some distinguised changes on her model design depending on which one she gets (like some accesorries, or just different color pallete but that is not a must) - Beside completly diffrent animations, each dance have it's own background music, and to make Riot a little lazy she can even dance on things like K/da and true damage, or pentakill (that alerdy solves like 4-7 of her 42 dances) - A lot of interactions with champions related to music (true damage, k/da, DJ Sona, pentakill, preferably at least a line for each other) - Completly new animations and effects for every single ability as well as her base models - more voice overs - even more voice overs - some kinky voice overs!? - new interactions for items she usually builds (trifoce, hydra, sterak, death dance, tabi, wits end, etc.) - a special interaction when hitted by Sona's ult - special taunts for teemo (that's apparently the rule for any new champ/rework/skin) - Specials shit talks for any champions that counter her (like 90% of toplaners) - if choosen battle bunny theme then few interactions with Riven shen meet her on lane, kill her or get killed by her, as well as attacking her. - if choosen a skin theme that alerdy exists same at the part with riven but to others champions that share that skin theme. - at least a night club dance, as well as a party dance and a kids party dance, and a theatric dance, we want to fit her lovely dances in any possible situation. - random singing some part of other champions songs (like Vi's login theme, Jinx get jinxed and lets not forget pentakill, kda and true damage) when meet them on lane or just random when around them (she don't have to sing good, she just have to enjoy their songs) - Depending of the theme choosen for her skin her blades could be made into something that fit it, like carrots giving again battle bunny as example. - more voice overs, never are enough voice overs. - 15 voice overs when defeated. - more interaction with all ionian characters but to fit the theme of skin - taunts for all noxians - also calling noxian champions to stop starting at her or smth like that if she dances around one. - (kiind of optionals but more ideas the better) when defetead she just layis on ground like watching the sky and daydreaming, or just lying on ground and looking at flowers (not rally looking at flowers but just to make an idea, i think would be good a skin that not just says you we're killed lmao and more, "yeah im chilling there a little") - Recall also a special dance, diffrent from the alerdy 42 existing and also depend on the one you choose. (since you enjoyed made aphelios interacting diffrenet with 5 diffrent weapons that would be fun for devs) - special voice overs for each skill (since even the og have at least 2-3 voice overs for each skill) (I can even imagine she saying "IONIA STILL DANCE" but please not) - her laugh (ctrl 4) should make her to almost fall but not really on that point. - I don't really have an idea for taunt animation. - joke ideas animations: (don't forget a lot of voice overs) she does a hip roll or something similar but she stumbles after like 2-3 seconds and falls down. - dance animations idea: alerdy talked about it, her dances are the main core of the skin uniqueness, made her a lot of dances! Now maybe 42 dances would be a little to much to work on, so I think maybe 20 would be enough probably, but I think something like that would be one of best way to give Irelia players a skin that they will absolutely love (except the ones she alerdy have, btw bring back in shop Infiltrator Irelia sometime)

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