Shayarah: champion concept and lore

**Abilities:** **Passive:** each auto attack and ability fills the enemy with fear. Once they can no longer hold it they become feared and spread the fear to nearby enemies. (5 stacks to fear) **Q:** shoots dark matter forward hitting the first enemy unit. Can store up to 2 projectiles (like rumble) **W:** she disappears into a cloud reappearing in a target location **E:** while her passive is on cooldown she can activate this ability to feed off of stacks for X seconds, dealing damage and healing herself **R:** Shayarah enters an enemy's body gaining full control for 5 seconds. She can be exorcised with a stun but the host body receives all damage during the possession. **Lore:** Shayarah was a member of a peaceful village of Ionia. She was a pupil of the wise monks, learning the ways of sorcery alongside Karma. On the day the Noxians invaded her village, Shayarah watched in awe of the brutality of the Noxian people, and the strength of Ionia embodied in Karma. Unable to sit back and watch more of her people slaughtered by these violent savages, Shayarah joined the resistance of Ionia, learning the techniques necessary to save the Ionian people. Karma set resistance fighters in villages throughout the nation in order to help defend innocent people from further onslaught. Shayarah was fortunate to enjoy years of peace in her new village. She grew to love the villagers and felt as though they were her family. She trained the adults in the ways of the resistance in hopes that her family would be safe if an invasion were ever to come their way. Sadly, her efforts were futile. The Noxians marched to her village on mission of carnage. The resistance met them just outside of the village, ready to defend their people. As the resistance fighters dwindled down, fear overtook them. Their pleas to surrender were responded to only by Death. It was clear the Noxians were not there to conquer, but only to kill. They were closing in on the village to complete their rampage with the massacre of the civilians and children that remained. They were here to send a message, they will have no restraint. Desperate to save the village, Shayarah attempted to draw all of her power for one last powerful attack to drive the invaders back. As she was about to release her might upon the Noxian army, she felt a searing sharp pain in her back. Unable to breathe she fell to her knees. She turned to see a Noxian general standing over her smiling, bloody blade in hand. As her life was slipping away she only thought of her defenseless family about to be slaughtered. As the world turned to black nothingness, she reopened her eyes only to find herself still standing on the battlefield. But, this couldn't be the afterlife. Something was wrong. She did not feel the peace the monks had preached of. She only felt fear, anger, and regret. She looked down to see her lifeless body below her. Filled with rage and confusion she felt energy building within her and darkening her soul. It was an energy she had never felt before. She knelt down and slowly reached out to touch her body. As soon as her finger tips made contact, a strong force coursed through her soul. Her lifeless, fear filled body, began to decay. She could feel herself absorbing the energy and becoming human once again. She pulled her hand away in shock. She looked at what she had become; caught between the form of human and a darkened soul. Shayarah turned her head to the village as she heard the cries of the villagers. She could not contain herself. She closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and let out a cry of anger. Her desire was revenge. Upon opening her eyes she found herself in the midst of swirling darkness. As the cloud of dark energy dissipated she found herself transported to the center of the village. She felt a new power growing within her. The villagers were running past her trying to escape the Noxians hoard. Shayarah heard the army's screams drawing near as they set out to pillage her home. As soon as they saw her, a mixture of glowing and dark energy surrounding her like a spectre's aura, they froze on fear. The great general that had taken her life stepped forward. He smirked as he recognized her face. Knowing she was no match for his might he reared back his axe for a devastating blow. As the axe left his hand and was inches from making contact, Shayarah screamed out in rage. Her body seemed to sublime into a cloud of black energy and reappeared in from of the great army. She rained out dark energy, dealing devastating wounds and inflicting fear into their hearts. The general would not retreat and ran forward to fight. Shayarah, filled with rage met him head on. The great general pulled out his daggers and sliced at Shayarah in a flurry of intricate, forceful jabs. She felt every blow, drawing her memory back to her moment of death. As she fell to the floor she knew she could not give up. She had to do everything she could to save her people. She looked up to see the general about to plunge his dagger into his defeated foe. She lunged forward feeling a strange force course through her as she made contact with the general. Her spirit was fusing with him. She entered his body and felt him freeze in fear. As she moved, his body followed. Now knowing what was happening she let out a haunting laugh of satisfaction as she slaughtered the general's men with his own body, knowing all he could do is watch in horror. Unable to kill their own leader the survivors ran off terrified. Shayarah freed herself from the general's body and gazed contemptuously into his fear struck eyes. She declared to him, "I will spare your life general, but know that it is not out of Mercy. I want you to leave my land and spread the fear I have instilled in you today. Tell your people of what you've experienced. Your reign of terror on my people is over. I will strike fear into the hearts of any Noxian that dares to harm the innocent people of Ionia, and believe me they will find no mercy." The general ran off, pale from fear. **Voice lines:** Karma may catch up to you but it's me you will come to fear. Vengeance is not the way of my people, but they've left me no choice You see a monster, I see a solution Their fear will be my only comfort

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