I created a new item, is it good?

Item name: Iceborn Trident +100 Attack Damage +70 Lethality +300 Mana +30% Cooldown +50 Armor Build Path: Glacial Shroud + Pickaxe + Serrated Dirk + 825 = 3800g Unique Active: Activating this item makes the user go on a magical journey through the rift anywhere on the map within 5000 range (Global range at level 16). The user of this item is untargetable during the journey. (3 minute cooldown) Unique Passive: Every third auto attack stuns the enemy target for 1.25 seconds (if melee) and 0.75 seonds (if ranged) and heals for 8% of the target’s maximum health (If melee) and 5% of the target’s maximum health (if ranged).
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