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Hello! Thanks for being interested in my champion concept. A bit about me: I am a League player (duh) for 5 years now, and one of my traits is that I'm crazy about stats, balancing, synergy, wonky strategies and champion designs.
##Hello! Thanks for being interested in my champion concept. A bit about me: I am a League player (duh) for 5 years now, and one of my traits is that I'm crazy about stats, balancing, synergy, wonky strategies and champion designs. And today I would like to share with you an idea I've been working on for a while now. Initially I will just post her kit, and if people like it, I will later post detailed champion ability interactions, stats and all the juicy numbers. If people like it really much, I will also post her background, story, and how she fits with the world, and eventually have her drawn. Here goes! And remember these are just basic dumbed down description without explanation of detailed mechanics. It's well thought out, I promise, this is just to show off the concept to see if people like it. >#Basic rundown **Kyalah** is a utility support that the entire team will love. She is meant to be the solution to near-unbeatable mid-late game carries and assassins such as Katarina, providing the allied carry with added protection from harm. While she may seem overpowered because of her ability to mitigate damage directly, provide shields on top of that and send damage back, the calculated stats actually make her damage output similar akin to champions like Leona, at least in my calculations. But she gets a major edge against fed enemy carries, giving the team an opportunity to rise back up. >#Abilities These contain the basic ideas behind them. In-depth details and mechanics will be updated later --- >#Passive - Know your enemy Kyalah observes her enemy when she fights and learns to resist their attacks, providing a percentual damage reduction against them which increases gradually as damage is done to her. - This percentual damage reduction is individual for each enemy champion ------------------------- >#Q - Self Defense / Defensive Strike Kyala stores a portion of the damage dealt to her from an ability, and for a brief period, she is able to use this ability against the champion that attacked her, dashing a short distance and hitting them back. The energy released from her palm penetrates through the enemy into a cone behind them for 50% damage. >If this ability is enabled due to linked ally being struck by an ability, instead of an energy blast spreading into a cone behind the enemy, the energy is diverted towards her linked ally, providing a shield for the same amount. >The ability also triggers under the condition where she or her ally are hit by 2 basic attacks within a 1.5s* window. ------------------------- >#W - Self Control (Passive) / Sworn Defense Kyalah is unable to attack an enemy without provocation. Basic attacks are disabled against enemy champions. >Kyalah can link herself to an allied champion, providing them with 50% of the effect of Know your enemy, and allowing her to use **Defensive Strike**. Kyalah gains 50% of the damage dealt to linkied allied champion as progress for **Know your enemy** ------------------------- >#E - Focus Field **Passive** - Kyalah maintains a focused mind, providing herself and her linked ally with increased tenacity and slow effectiveness reduction against the first next ability to hit her or her linked ally. (Cooldown after triggered) >**Active** - Kyalah steels herself and her ally against an incoming crowd control effect for the next 1 second, providing double the bonus of her passive against the next crowd control effect for that duration. - Passive is inactive while ability is on cooldown, whether due to passive trigger or active trigger. Active provides a skill-show opportunity which rewards you with extra cc reduction at the risk of popping that ability and losing the opportunity to passively block out a CC effect. - The cooldown between passive trigger and active trigger will possibly vary, also based on if it successfuly caught a CC effect during the active or not. Values are still being tested and figured out. ------------------------- >#R - Full Reversal Kyalah becomes immune to crowd control and channels for 3 seconds, but becomes unable to move. All allies within this circle receive 35% of the benefit of **Know your enemy** during the channel. All damage mitigated this way gets stored as energy in Kyalah. Kyalah then launches a powerful blow in a direction, colliding with the first enemy hit and delivering all of the stored damage against them in a massive blow. ------------------------- Alright! That's all you're getting for now folks. Let me know if you find her interesting and want to know more. If yes, I will be sure to update this with all the relevant stats and numbers so you can see she isn't overpowered as much as she may seem right now. Right now I'm just trying to figure out if anyone likes the overall feel and idea of the champion. Thanks for reading through! https://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/4.0/80x15.png >Edits: >Changed E based on suggestions. Will modify more things later after I figure out a way to balance them well
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