Noxian War Arena - [NEW PERMANENT GAME MODE] Hi guys, this will be a long post, sorry, but i'll try to divide all of this in pragraphs so that you can jump to the section you want. This thread is about adding a new permanent game mode to LoL, i'll answer questions you have if something is not clear.... so let's start! (Bare with me if my english is not perfect! Sorry!) ----------------- **SECTION 1: What is the Noxian War Arena?** The Noxian War Arena would be a very large Coloseum-style Arena, placed somewhere in Noxus. We don't have any Noxus related game map, so this is the right concept to do it. Kinda insipired by the Gladiator Draven skin, this Arena would be the symbol of brutal strenght of Noxus, and what better place to demonstrate strenght if not a gladiator-style arena? But don't think this is just mindless brawling, infact it's very strategic map as well : > So imagine that, but done by the good artists at Riot, with some good music behind it. And here we go! ---------------- **SECTION 2: Basic rules** To know more how this whole things work you have to read this while looking at the Map i created up there. There are a bunch of things that i will explain later too in that map. Anyway, this game mode is supposed to be much shorter in game time then Summoners Rift, Probably the same time as Aram, if not little less. Let's say around 20 minutes. You earn a new TEAM CURRENCY, the Noxian Mark of Strenght, With each kill and assists you earnwith your team, These marks are used in various ways (i'll explain that later) You Earn gold passively like in aram, same for the experience, you get gold from kills and assists AND DOING OTHER STUFF (we will get to it later). The map is symmetrical and it's a Polygon with 10 sides as a base. Inside of it you can see there are various wall, buffs, sections and so on. So don't think that this arena is small, infact it's pretty big. This is regular 5 vs 5, red team vs blue team, 1 start at the top, 1 at the bottom. Minions will spawn from the nexus (mmany more minions each wave then in sumoners rift), and will battle around that Blue circle you see in the middle (will get to that later). Needless to say, to win you have to destroy the enemy nexus. Your champions spawn where the shop is as always. These are the basic rules you need to know, now let's get into the specific stuff. ------------------ **SECTION 3: Objectives, Outposts, Central Shrine** So here comes the exiting stuff. EVERYTHING in this map is an Objective. Literally. I will now explain each one (Look the map while you read this): 1) WALLS - Yes this are lines of stone wall. Their purpose is to divide the map in various section, provide protection and strategic plays. But guess what: THEY ARE TOTALLY DESTRUCTIBLE. Yes, true they will take A LOT of hits before going down, but either you or the enemy can destroy this walls (You can even destroy the walls on your sides of the map). SO what's going on?: My idea is that these walls should be used by the teams in the most proficent way as possible, that include destroying them. I'll make an example to get things clear: Example: Team1 might end up with a composition that really wants to brawl in an open space, while Team2 might end up with some tanks and some assassins, deciding it's better to defend the walls and doing ambushes and stuff from there. See how it works? and there are plenty of them. These walls will be upgradable using the Marks of Noxian Strenght (i'll get to that too). 2)BLUE/RED BUFFS: Our favorite buffs return in this map, they are positioned at the sides of the arena, just outside your base: This means they will be most likely the first objective you will get. They provide the exact same buffs you have in Summoners Rift, nothing too much new, they will spawn faster tho. 3) TURRETS: There are 2 turrets for each team in this map. There is something more about this turrets tho, These will be upgradable turrets. How to upgrade them? Well using the Marks of Noxian Strenght i mentioned at the start (I will explain that in its own section later). 4) OUTPOSTS: WHat are these things you see at each side of the Arena? Well i explain it right now. At the start of the game these 2 outposts are neutral camps of "mercenary" type of minions. That means that the first team that kill the "leader" of these neutral gladiators will ear their favor. These outposts are much more harder to kill then a regular blue/red buff, they will most likely need at least 2-3 people, if not all of your team (depends on what you decide to do, and how many enemies are there as well). So What Happen when you conquer an outpost?: A mobile catapult will spawn here defended by the neutral gladiators of before (now they fight for you). What they will do its move the catapult SLOWLY forward towards the enemy base. Basically they will put pressure on the enemies. The defending team will have to deal with these mercenaries sooner or later or their base will suffer. If the opposing team defeat the outpost leader once again, they will now change their colors and fight for them, moving the catapult in the other direction and so on. Like the Turrets, the Catapult will be upgradable using the Marks of Noxian strenght (i'll get to that in its own section) 5) CENTRAL SHRINE: What is that Blue thing in the middle? Well it's the central shrine. It will be the core of the Arena and you want to capture it to get more power. Like the altars in Twisted Treeline you will have to stand still in the shrine without enemies around to capture it. This will be where the most brutal head on fights will take place as this is the place with the most open space in the map. What happen once you capture it? Well for 2 minutes it wont be capturable again by the enemy team, and will spawn a fearsome beast (that will come out from underground, like the how the Romans used the Lions and Tigers in their Coloseum shows) I still have to come out with a name for this beast , but i imagine it as a Lion-like huge beast (to remain in the coloseum theme). What does this beast do? The Beast will have an array of attack (Like the Baron in Summoners Rift, but not as strong) and will march forward from the center to the enemy base (Basically it will march with the minions) Needless to say, it will be the defending team priority to defeat it without taking too much damage as this is the most powerful thing in the arena (But i guess if you have a Kalista in your team you will do that kinda easy :P), while the team that control the beast will have to play around it, and get the most out of it. After the Beast is defeated it will return underground under the Central Shrine, and a new battle for the control of it will begin. These were the objectives present on the map, btu let's move on to another important thing, the upgrades: --------------------- **Section 5: Upgrades** As i said before you will earn Marks of Noxian Strenght. Every Kill your team score it will be 1 Mark. As i said before you can use these marks to upgrade these things: Walls, Turrets, Outposts While you can choose between different upgrades for each one of them, only 1 can be active at each time. To switch to a different upgrade you will have to spend more marks. Let's see each one of them **1) WALLS: **Walls will have 3 Upgrades (Note that you can upgrade only the Walls that are around your Nexus, not the other that are "free" on the map): **• Spiked wall: **The walls on your walls will grow spikes dealing X physical damage to any attacker. Cost 10 Marks (to have a clearer idea on how walls works, read the additional informations at the bottom of this post) **• Double Wall: **Your Walls will get another wall in front of them, you wil have to kill this one before attacking the inner one. Overall less resistant then the inner wall. Cost 10 Marks **• Magic barrier:** Every 15 seconds your wall will grow a big magic barrier around them for 3 seconds: Any allied champion inside it is immune to magic damage for that duration. Cost 10 Marks **2) TURRETS: Turrets will have 5 upgrades:** **• Dragon Turret:** The Dragon Turret shoots fire projectiles on the ground around them not aiming at particular enemies. The targeted ground will burn for 2 seconds dealing X magic damage each second to the enemies that go over it. Cost 15 Marks **• Hextech Turret:** The Hextech turret will shoot at a slower pace then normal turrets, but every 3 shoots, the next projectile will deal triple damage to whoever is hit. Cost 15 Marks **• Crystal Turret: **The Crystal turret projectiles slows the enemy hits by 35% for 2 seconds. Cost 15 Marks **• Archer Turret:** Your Turret won't shoot anymore, a gladiator archer will instead climb on top of it. The Archer deal less damage then a normal turret, but shoot at an increased range, and faster. Cost 15 Marks **• Mecha Turret:** Mecha will charge 1 projectile every 2 seconds, without shooting. At 5 stacks, they will release one single rocket projectile that deals A LOT T of damage as true damage, to the first enemy champion in range. (This also means that it won't attack minions). Cost 15 Marks **3) OUTPOSTS :** Outposts will have 3 upgrades: **• Piltover powered wheels:** The Catapult will move faster. Cost 10 Marks •** Freljordian warrior:** The Leader of the mercenary outpost will be replaced by a Freljordian Gladiator, wich has increased health and damage. Cost 10 Marks. **• Noxian Weapons:** Each one of the mercenaries in the outpost will be using improved noxian weapons. Each hit they land will make the target bleed for X physical damage in 2 seconds. Cost 10 Marks This end up the part of the upgrades, if you have ideas or doubts tell me in the comments. _________ **Section 5: EXAMPLE OF EARLY GAME GAMEPLAY** Let's Say Team 1: Azir, Ezreal, Lux, Corki, Cho Gath. Team 2: Aatrox, Elise, Sivir, Sion, Jarvan 4 Game start, and Team 1 decide to play passively, their team comp is more focused on poking out the enemies off objectives rather then direct fight, while team 2 goes aggressive from the start. Sivir get red buff at start with the help of Aatrox, and Elise do blue buff. Team 1 Do the same, Azir gets blue, Ezreal get red. They will start the game going all 5 in the center, aram style for the first moment, testing each other out. This would be probably won directly by Team 1, Able to poke them out in open spaces. So Team 2 Decide to change strategy: Sivir Mid will keep mnions cleared and enemies in check. Aatrox, Elise, Sion and Jarvan go all 4 to right outpost. They will be faced off by 3 of the opposing team, but they will win the early fight in the narrow spaces, and wil get the Outpost, even if with low health. Team 1 will answer somehow getting the other outpost, but Team 2 will react in time after a recall, We will have a 5 on 5 battle here but team 1 will get 3 kills off of that and will get the outpost. And for here the games start to get bloodier and bloodier: Just a quick example :) --------------------- **Section 6: CONCLUSION** This map is designed with 2 things in mind. 1) Reward strategic play 2) Reward individual skills and brawling I tried to put those 2 things into one, and i think it may very well work with the League of Legend style. Every different champion combination brings many advantages and weknesses, and you have to be smart on how you use your upgrades. Using the walls, the fog of war, the outpost and the central shrine are all equally important here. But on the other side to get upgrades you have to get kills, so you have to fight at some point. This means that virtually any type of champion can be very useful in this map (unlike arams where the more poke is the most potent thing). For Example Bard might seem useless here, but in reality you can put W around the arena, and do very Wall long magical journeys. :). Assassins here can shine when attakking from the fog of war or behind walls, Fighters will get the spotlight an open brawl and so on. Now please, it took me a while to write this all down (3 hours), so if you are interested, please give constructive criticism. It would mean a lot, Thank you all. ----------------------------------- **Answers to general questions and additional informations:** - The brushes may seems a lot at first sight, but remember that this map has TONS of open space, so adding a lot of brushes is important to add more Fog of War, and let more different type of plays to be done. the cross brushes outside the base are there to create a little bit of a more narrow passage to get to the base, letting the team in defense more control over the enemies. THe central part is still very much open, we just have some lines of bushes vertical and horizontal to subdivide the whole thing in "quarters", giving you more clarity also in terms of where you are and what's going on. Of course i'm open to suggestions^^ - To be clear: the free walls on the map (not those around your nexus) are destructible by both teams and NOT UPGRADABLE. The walls around your nexus are destructible ONLY BY THE ENEMY TEAM, and ARE UPGRADABLE. - No trinkets, they are not necessary, and they would probably harm assassins or champions that want to use the fog of war more then ever. - There could be TONS of special summoners spells for this map, this is a very wide open space, if you have suggestions^^ Examples: Huge CD: Deals huge damage to a wall Huge CD: Fully repair a wall Medium CD: Teleport to a catapult Medium CD: you and, Minions and mercenaries around you move 20% faster for 5 seconds Short CD: Deals good amount of damage to a Mercenary leader Short CD: Throw a gladiator net in a straight line. Champions hit will be slowed by 25% for 3 sec, while Mercenaries, catapult, and minions will be snared in place for 3 seconds - The Beast sounds overpowered, but it shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't be grame crushing, but just a nice advantage to use for those who summons it. ( Remember that the beast would be easly killed off if the attacking team doesn't support its march :P) -The outpost mercenaries will fight for you and go slowly towards the enemy when you dfeat them, but i should point out that if the enemy team defeat them once again they will change colors and fight for them. What i didn't say above is that they DO NOT return to their original position on the map, they just turn around and march the opposite way from where they were. - I don't know if this was obvious or not but i didn't mention that you can upgrade your 2 turrets in 2 different upgrades or 2 of the same. You have the freedom tho choose. Example: You could have 1 Archer turret and 1 Dragon turret, or 2 Mecha turrets / 2 Crystal turrets and so on. Any combination would be possible. - In normal game situations i would imagine that each team focus a little bit more on 1 side of the map (basically if the enemy team catch the left outpost, you probably want to answer by catching the right one). This helps the game evolving in a natural way and discourage heavy stomps, because it should be very hard (not impossible) to have both he 2 outpost mercenaries fighting for you. If you manage to do that you have a nice advantage to work with. - The channel time to capture the central shrine should be pretty long. And it shuld be hard to find the right time to have a full channel in the middle of the map without interruptions.

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