[CCOS] December Results!

http://static.mmzstatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/tumblr_m6wgw287xl1r7iityo1_500.gif What happens when you combine 19 awesome entries, a few equally awesome volunteers and 2 weeks of patient waiting? The CCOS results of course! (The other acceptable answer is jello, long story) But before we go anywhere, be sure to toss out a thanks to the cool people that make this whole thing possible! **Bearly Leah and Auryiel**! >#The winner of the December CCOS is...... #Taifun, King of Murai by Raptamei at 165/200 points (82.5%), Congratulations!! And thanks to volunteer Akenero, you will also be receiving an artist's service for your winning concept!! Woot! (@Raptamei, please e-mail me at 'arma.malum@gmail.com so I can get you two in touch) >#Runner ups |Place|Concept|Author|Score| |- | 2 | Avalon, The Heart of Swords | ShatteredSkys | 162/200 (81%) | | 3 | Hauron, The Stag Lord | Fury and Emporer | 160/200 (80%) | | 4 | Deus Mortem, The Abomination | Regonas | 156/200 (78%) | | 5 | Shira, Valkyrie of the Eclipse | DarkFoxes | 155/200 (77.5%) | >#Looking up your score Step 1) Open up the nexus score sheet [HERE](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zj6rbgPBFjQZaNQOHdmXs4RsnMbdk0lrsfyOiNeH8Jo/edit?usp=sharing) (Give a little time to load once you're in) Step 2) If wanted check out the 'Overview' Tab (the one you enter on) to see your score compared to the others. Step 3) Find your concept name in a tab below (you may need to hit the right arrow on the bottom right a few times. Step 4) Look around at the feedback and scores given on your concept * NOTE 1: Due to technical limitations I was not able to give the judges per-category feedback, so all of their overall feedback is the 'lore' section. But it will be ready and available for December! * NOTE 2: The 'Structured Feedback' column is automatically formatting based on your average category score and where that landed you in the rubric. The Rubric will be updated regularly with community input * NOTE 3: Just to reiterate, I was a judge, but I was not able to get to all the concepts this month, and for that I apologize. However I did leave the feedback I did get to in the sheet anyway. ># Reminder: CCOS Updates! With a new year comes new changes! If you have not been keeping an eye on the CCOS for the last two months you may not have noticed a few discussions on some upcoming changes. Or rather, previously upcoming because they *are now in effect*. The changes themselves: #Scoring Changes |---Wt---|----------Category----------|---------------------------------Description-----------------------------------| |- | 20 | Lore| The overall feel and description of your champion as a personality. | | 25 | Flow/Fun | How a character's abilities/kit feel to play with *as well as against*. | | 20 | Design Implementation | How well your champion's kit fulfills its goal. (i.e. Assassins assassinating, tanks tanking, etc.)| | 20 | Novelty | The uniqueness and niche areas that your champion has made for itself in its background and kit. | | 15 | Cohesiveness | How well your champion ties into itself. Kit into character and vice versa. | | 10 | Good Neighbor Bonus | An extra possible 10 points for if you gave feedback to another entrant. | #Five judge limit I will no longer have the option to display more than five judges in a month. I am always happy to take volunteers but should more than 5 judges finish their scores in a month I will choose the best 5 judge results based on quality of the specific feedback only. # New outsourced archive (Coming Soon) Anyone checking the CCOS Archive may have noticed it's sorely out of date currently. This is because I am in the midst of moving everything to a Google Sheet (like the judging sheets) for three reasons. First for more formatting options, second for a better and easier access than a very fat Boards post and thirdly for the eventual ability to hand ownership over to another person should I need to. (Hint: I am graduating VT this May and might not be able to keep this going afterwards)
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