Sofia - Wife of the Dead [Champion Concept] TYPE: AP DPS Assassin, Ranged. _____________________________ Passive - **The Grave's End**: Sofia's basic attacks on enemy champions reduce all of her dead teammate's death timer by 1 second. Q - **Soul's Revenge**: Sophia Fires a Black-Colored Soul (same hitbox as Lux's Q, just a bit faster) - Which deals 70% AP damage to all enemies it passes through, slowing them. She then gains Movement speed and Invisibility according to how many champions she hit with this ability (1 second for 1 champion, 2 seconds for 2 champions etc). W - **Dark Energy**: (PASSIVE ABILITY) - Sofia's Autoattacks become stronger as she autoattacks enemy champions. Her first AA on an enemy deals normal damage. Her second AA deals 20% AP Extra Damage. Her 3rd Autoattack deals 30% AP Extra Damage. Her 4th AA on an Enemy champion deals 40% Extra Damage and puts this ability on a 3 second cooldown. E -** Rush of the Dead**: Sofia dashes to a target location (dash range is slightly less than Kassadin's R); can be reactivated again within 2 seconds (35/30/25/25/20 second cooldown) R - **Demonize**: (Kennen-Ult sized raius) - Upon activation, all enemies within this radius are slowed by 20/30/35% for the next 2 seconds. Once the slow is over, Sofia deals 500/750/1000 true damage shared between all enemies affected by ult (if only 1 enemy was ulted, they take the full damage). _________________________________________________ Play style: Sofia is a high-skill hybrid champion. She has AP scalings only, is a ranged DPS, yet can be classified as an assassin as well VIA the dashes on her E. She fits the Mid/JG role the best, but could be possibly played Top lane. Sofia's AA range is similar to vayne's (in radius) - therefore she relies on her E for Engage and Disengage. Possible Items are {{item:3115}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} _________________________________________________ **PROS: ** High Mobility Safe Early Game CC Utility Good teamfight potential . . . **CONS:** Low Scalings Short Range Squishy
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