The Mischievous Adventures part 390

(Later) {{champion:45}}: "Singed is everything ready?" {{champion:27}}: "Of course Veigar, now we just need the police to come." *The police come over* {{champion:27}}: Well speak of the devils." Police: "Come out with your hands up! We have you surrounded!" {{champion:27}}: "On the contrary, we just wanted you here. We have power you see, lots of it. If you like we can give you a demonstration." {{champion:56}}: "Yeah yeah we already know, your friend told us everything." {{champion:45}} {{champion:27}}: "Friend?" {{champion:13}}: "Heyo masko." {{champion:45}}: "R-Ryze? What are you doing with the law dogs!?" {{champion:13}}: "To warn them about the real bombs your 'righthand' made." {{champion:27}}: "Oh great..." {{champion:45}}: "What real bombs? Were you setting this up Singed?" {{champion:27}}: "Of course I was, I was just surprised you didn't catch up. Raising you to power and using you was about to be one of my greatest accomplishments, instead you had to ruin it. A crime boss that doesn't want death? Your going to have death, or it will come to-" Henchmen: "Um hey boss." {{champion:27}}: "What?" Henchmen: "Sorry for interrupting your monologue, but the police came in and is taking out everyone." {{champion:27}}: "....." *Runs away* {{champion:45}}: *Tackles him* {{champion:27}}: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" {{champion:45}}: "One: You used me. Two: Revenge. And Three: There can be only one criminal mastermind here!" {{champion:27}}: "All of those are idiotic reasons, anyway." *Kicks him and runs away* Police: "Freeze!" {{champion:27}}: *Grabs them* "Heh, that was easy." {{champion:117}}: *Fires into his shoulder* {{champion:27}}: "Gah! What the hell!?" {{champion:117}}: "Let them go!" {{champion:27}}: "So what are you going to do? I have an hostage." {{champion:60}}: "Your also surrounded." {{champion:56}}: "And alone, really should have hired better guns." {{champion:27}}: "Hm...Well...I see...but wait I didn't get to show you the demonstration!" *Takes out a bomb* {{champion:56}}: "Oh crap..." {{champion:27}}: "That's right like the famous saying, 'If I'm going down I'm taking you with me!' " {{champion:56}}: "God I'm going to hate myself for this. Everyone get down!" *Tackles Singed* *Bang* (Later) {{champion:56}}: "U-Ugh...what....?" {{champion:117}}: "Nocturne!" *Hugs him* {{champion:56}}: "Ugh, hey kid. What happened?" {{champion:60}}: "You did the dumbest thing ever!" {{champion:56}}: "Nice to see you chef. So can someone explain what I did?" {{champion:117}}: "Well Singed had his bomb ready to explode, but you jumped him and he dropped the bomb." {{champion:60}}: "Luckily everyone survived, even the hostage." {{champion:56}}: "Heh, well all in a days work. Now what happened to Singed and Veigar?" {{champion:60}}: "Well Singed is being treated as well, and Veigar escaped along with a few others and Ryze." {{champion:56}}: "Oh goody." {{champion:117}}: "Other then that, we did it. We confiscated all the bombs, Singed is going to jail after he recovers, and I'm pretty sure Veigar is going to be low for awhile." {{champion:56}}: "Well that's good at least, anything else?" {{champion:117}} {{champion:60}}: "Um....." {{champion:60}}: "Do you want us to tell you or you figure it out?" {{champion:56}}: "I guess tell me?" {{champion:117}}: "Ok, well when you were caught in the explosion it um....took something." {{champion:56}}: "Like what, my right arm and left leg?" {{champion:60}} {{champion:117}}: "......." {{champion:56}}: ".....Oh son of a bi-"
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