New champion idea for a "Team Player" (Champion who gets more better the more champs near)

The concept I've been looking at for a while is a champion that is a team fight that boost the stats to there team. Passive - The more champions around you the more damage you do, and less damage you take. Q - Some type of damage that can be done in a melee to mid range W - A leap like Braums jump just in a longer cool down, or range (Like Jax jump but no damage) E - Takes away Health and, puts that said health into AD for your champ or if there is someone near you in the radias gives that health as a heal. (gives to every champ close to and gives it evenly) R - Activate - gives the 5 champions around the champion 100 in all stats for a period of time (for balancing can be less or debuff the caster) Passive - When there is 5 champions around your champion for 5 mins through out the game, your activate improves by 1.2x, 1.5x, 1.75x and changes approves visual on the champion showing grouth allowing champions to realize to GTF out of there. This allows people who have a weak teamfight to be viable. this also means the best at team fighting will become broken but the numbers can be nerfed/changed for melee champs or ranged. This allows ranged champs to not do double damage when you cant hit them. The champion can be played in every role but can shine in top lane or sup because of leaps and the buff from E allowing you to win 1 v 1 or, 2 v 2 because of passive. The concept art I was working on was deleted for mistaking it for another file (Kinda of a funny story). Overall the champion will be a high skill high reward champion causing you to be the savior of your team. I've been working on this before Kayn was a thing causing the changing form not a new idea, but please show what you think about this with your honest opinion I will not be hurt by things if it can improve the way the champion works. Thank you for reading my creation!
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