Nraag, The Darkin Shield

Name: Nraag (Pronounced Rage) Epithet: The Darkin Shield Roles: Fighter, Tank Faction: Noxus Abilities: Darkin Rage, Cult Roots, Noxian Walls, Noxian Borders, Noxus Pact Attack speed: 0.611 (+1.6% per level) Attack damage: 57.432 (+2.3 per level) Health: 621.2 (+75 per level) Physical: 9 Magic: 2 Style: Melee Difficulty: 8 Small lore: A nameless man was there, seeing the proud ruler of Noxus showing off their new beast: Sion. Back from the dead and screaming to kill again. With those red bloody eyes, the man honoured Sion and wanted to show Noxus how much Sion meant to him. The Cult of Sion was built on that promise, and many people came and went from the cult, many with the same drive and passion as well. They wanted to follow Sion's footsteps and went into battle with the Demacians, Garen and Jarven IV on the front lines. Yells of war and of honors, shouts of Demacian Justice and Noxus Pride. The was lasted for months, no side was showing any loses, more men came to the battle field and made it red, like the eyes of Sion. Noxus brought their ultimate weapon, the Darkin Shield that has been locked away until this moment. The Eye opened in the middle and screamed violently, taking in the blood. The nameless man saw the power and went to the Darkin and offered himself to be the host. The Darkin molded into his body, removing his arms and the Shield took their place by splitting in two. "We are now one..." The Darkin spoke to the nameless man. "We are Nraag now, man. Let us feed." The nameless man smiled and went into the battlefield, wanting to honor Sion. P: Darkin Rage: Every 10 seconds Nraag is out of combat, Noxian Border stacks are faster based on level. (1-6: 10; 7-11: 8; 12-15: 6; 16-18: 5) Q: Cult Roots: Nraag hooks a champion and throws them 250 pixels from him. If enemy is hit by walls, normal or made, they will be stunned for .25 second. (0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1, 1.25) W: Noxian Walls. Every 35 seconds a stack of , Nraag is able to put up a wall. (35, 30, 27, 25, 20) E: Noxian Border. Nraag focus for 3 seconds and his next auto attack will deal bonus attack damage (0.5x) including attack speed (150x to 50x for three seconds), movement speed (200x to 25x for two seconds) and a brief knock up (lasts 0.75 seconds) **NEW**R: Noxian Pact: Nraag smashes the ground and connects to the first two enemy champions, grabbing them and throwing them to a target location. If connected with a wall, they are stunned for (1, 1.5, 2) seconds and are dealt Physical Damage. Kit: Walls and crowd control. Voice lines: Noxians Sion: "It is an honor, let me be your servant, Master." Darius: "You stole what was his!" Draven: "You wouldn't make a good host, Shields are better for killing" Leblanc/Elise: "Yours is a false prophet Leblanc." Swain: "A gang of crows will follow you into death" Demacians: Garen: "You will give into your love and join us" Lux: "Pretty girl, such hatred you will learn" Jarven IV: laughs, "Your father learned, you will as well" Galio: "You are a toy compared to Sion" Sylas: "Good, teach the Demacians who they are" Vayne/Pantheon/Shyvana/Quinn: "Lies they feed you, you need the truth" Ionians: Ahri: "Stealing souls for your pleasure, such a pitiful life" Irelia: "Swain sends his regards." Yasuo: "The war was excellent Yasuo, winds clashing with one another." Darkins: Varus: "You couldn't help yourself, you wanted something people wouldn't accept!" Aatrox: "'ve never been in one, hypocrite!" Kayn: "Your talent is wasted Rhaast, find another" Freljord: Ashe: "Your war is nothing compared to mine" Braum: "You're using it wrong." "Magic so powerful for a false prophecy" Lissandra: "Oh Lissandra, you will lose your war." Sejuani: "You might be the one.." Tryndamere: "Your hatred for us gives me power." Items: Boots: "They're perfect sized."
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