Westwood - The Good, the Bad and the Yordle

Hello. My name is Buyan Bazir-ool. My nickname is Soyon (S0yon). In June 2019, I tried to get a position as a Producer of Champions, but did not fit the criteria. I also have a low level of English and I live in Russia. ( I didn’t leave my desire to work in the gaming industry and therefore decided to start by posting my revised concepts of Champions League of Legends. I will not upload the concepts in chronological order and therefore will occasionally clarify when I came up with them. I’ll clarify in advance that I came up with them from 06.2016 - 05.2019. There are only 11 of them and over the past 9 months, I changed them a little. *** The first champion will be Westwood - The Good, the Bad and the Yordle. Clint Westwood - Freestyle Shooter - Highway Shooter. Clint Westwood - Freestyle Shooter - Highway Shooter Westwood - The Good, the Bad and the Yordle https://sun9-66.userapi.com/c857736/v857736015/17aa6b/LlmvHHa3h0E.jpg?noredirect **Passive skills:** **Remains of magic.** Each Westwood auto-attack deals magic damage equal to 10% of physical damage. **Quick and dead.** After leaving the battle, Westwood holsters his weapon. At the first shot, Westwood grabs his pistol, after which his auto-attack speed is temporarily increased. **Six shooters.** Clint's revolvers contain 6 rounds each. Each skill spends one cartridge. Each auto attack spends one cartridge. After shooting 6 rounds, Clint reloads the weapon. **Q: Reinforced shot** - Clint shoots in front of him. The bullet hits targets on a crash (+AD). _With two hands: _I could not choose between options A and B a) Simultaneously two shots. (spends 2 rounds). b) Ability to apply the skill twice. **W: The charge of magic.** Clint temporarily charges his ammo with magic; passive ability magic damage increases by several percent (+ AP). During the skill's action, each auto attack imposes one of the following effects: **Poisoning** - additional damage from poison. **Frost** - slowing down movement. **Terrible wounds** - an obstacle to treatment. _With two hands._ The duration of the skill increased. **E: Farewell gift.** The next auto attack inflicts increased damage (+ AD) and repels Clint and the enemy from each other. _With two hands._ Shoots with two hands, spending 2 rounds. Increases damage and repulsive range. If a rejected enemy crashes into its allies, they take a bit of damage. **R: Bad, angry, jordle.** During activation, Clint reloads his gun (reload speed depends on the lack of ammo from 5/6 to 0% reload time) and takes out additional weapons. As a result, he has 12 rounds in stock. Clint starts shooting _with two hands_. Each revolver has 6 rounds each. During the duration of the absolute skill, Clint's auto-attack speed is increased. *** Clint Westwood. Origin. Perhaps Yordle one of the most mysterious races Runterra. Few wizards can travel the world as quickly and unpredictably as the little folk from Bundle City. And how they are gifted in magic. Any wizard will pay a terrible price to be at least a bit gifted in magic, as the most mediocre among the Yordles. As it is not strange, one of the best wizards Runterra, refused the magician's staff and took up a weapon that shoots metal. What was more amazing, he was a yordle. For Yordles, there is nothing surprising in magic, perhaps because they themselves are little distinguishable from magic. Time as if they had no power. They do not depend on magic, as the Vastayi depend on it. They can reach the farthest corner of the world using secret paths or live among other races, and no one recognizes them as Yordles. In this view, Westwood was the most ordinary Yordle. He was naive and kind, dreamed of seeing the whole world, and most importantly, he was one of the best wizards of his time and few could compare with him on the scale of magic, but one day everything changed. On his first journey, Westwood saw a group of refugees pursuing the Noxian army. The refugees did not have the power to protect themselves and Westwood decided to protect them. He created a swamp before the military, through which the soldiers, clad in heavy armor, could not pass. He covered the refugees with a dome of wind, so that neither the arrow reached them. He strengthened them with magic so that the old and the sick could run away from their enemies. But in response, he saw only fear. None of the refugees saw in him a savior, only a monster capable of casting. For an as yet not experienced yordle, it was a real shock, but before he could recover, the refugees were attacked by someone else. The attacker was alone, but his every stroke took away someone’s life and Westwood, wishing to stop him, used his magic. Clint threw gigantic balls of fire at his swift enemy, tried to blow him away with fierce wind currents, he created impassable swamps, but the riding lizard of the mysterious enemy did not slow down at all. And when the enemy approached, Clint remarked that it was a yordle, just like himself. The enemy was close enough for Clint to hit him with the next spell, but before Clint managed to cast a spell, the enemy seriously wounded him. Surviving a miracle, Clint has changed. He was disappointed in the magic of which he was so proud. He looked at the destruction caused by each of his spells, he looked at the bodies of the refugees, who were killed by his opponent. He looked into the face of the fact that he was helpless against that impetuous yordle, and as if this was not enough, even hundreds of years later, the scar left after that fight reminded him of how weak he was against Cled. That was the name of the mad jordle whom Clint met. Since then, Clint has ceased to use magic. He traveled not one year and not one hundred years and once, she was fascinated by a strange subject. It was a piece of iron, which, with a loud bang, was thrown forward by a metal shell. The projectile was small, but fast enough to hit a target at a great distance. That was what Clint needed. He tried to create the same object, called a pistol, using magic, but the pistols shooting with light did not cause him the same feeling as a real weapon. Therefore, Yordle presented his products to travelers from distant Demacia, and he bought the first, not yet accurate pistols in Piltover. Years passed, and every traveler knew the legend of the lonely arrow. Some said that he was shooting a sniper rifle. Others that he has a quick-fire gun. Third, that he has magical pistols. But everyone was sure of one thing ... He was a the good, the bad, the Yordle. Comments For the basis of its history, I took the Archetype - a free shooter, which were used in Westerns. It's pretty easy to guess from the clothes and Westwood's name. When creating it, I thought of a magician who was disappointed in magic. After which he began to use the most ordinary weapons. But since once it was as easy for Clint to conjure as to breathe, the remnants of his witchcraft find a way out in his passive skill and W-skill. Despite the fact that there is a line of cowboy skins, I decided that for Clint, the main skin for the world of Runnerra should be just cowboy. He is a traveler and accordingly his clothes should be practical for long-distance travel under the scorching sun. For an alternative skin, I chose a pirate theme. Thus, hinting that he was in Bilgewater. Westwood is stubborn and at first glance seems like a bloody, old yordle, but it is not. After long journeys, he weaned off to show a smile, and a kind heart hides behind his gaze and stingy phrases. According to one idea, Clint taught Miss Fortune to shoot pistols and he was an old friend of her parents. Replicas: I'm not a hare, I'm a rabbit and I'm not cute at all. They called me cute and fluffy, but it’s not. Break through Noxtora? Lighter than lung. There is no honor in killing a woman, but I will kill you. And you grew up. I'm glad you're alive (Miss Fortune). I taught you how to shoot, but I didn’t teach you how to kill (Miss Fortune). I could conjure, but bullets are more reliable than magic. Miss, nice hat (Caitlin). I am not a robber and not a hero. Just a tramp. You should have surrendered as soon as we became enemies (Miss Fortune). Bad, evil, yordle (Evil yordles). Now you are avenged (killing Gankplank). The scar no longer hurts (Kled's killing). Cled, here is the time for revenge (Cled). Do your scars hurt too? (Cled). Good to see you, old friend (Poppy). Veigar, you are certainly a great magician, but know that your magic is not absolute (Veigar). Nice joke (Tristan). I no longer conjure, except perhaps a little. Firestarter. I mean ... about the cannon (Tristana). Long time no see (Poppy). I see you don't conjure either (Poppy). Fishing rod? Seriously? What impudent children (Tristana, Teemo, Ziggs, Rumble, Lucy). It’s strange. You should be older than me (Lulu). https://sun9-66.userapi.com/c857736/v857736015/17aa61/BEI_cikcqdE.jpg?noredirect https://sun9-56.userapi.com/c857736/v857736015/17aa75/kzbAO1-vPdE.jpg?noredirect 1 - The main weapon is loaded. Spare is not charged (before applying the absolute skill). 2 - Both weapons are loaded (use of absolute skill). 3 - The first shot was fired, a similar cartridge for additional weapons was not used. 4 - the cell of the drum is empty. 5, 6, 10 - advanced interfaces. I opted for option 5. 7 - Three options for the health bar displaying the drums of revolvers. The arrow indicates the final version. Cartridge cells in gray or yellow. But they change color to black if the cartridge is used. Also, the cells change color to the color of the effect from W: The charge of magic. Poisoning is purple. Freezing is blue. Terrible wounds - red. 8 - Q applications. Skillshot, which deals 100% damage to the first target and 40% damage to the next target. 9 - Application E. Skillshot repelling Clint and his Purpose from each other.
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