The Mischievous Adventures part 381

(Meanwhile) {{champion:61}}: *Pets Gnar* {{champion:150}}: "Ruff! Ruff!" {{champion:61}}: "Hehe." *Bang* {{champion:61}}: "Huh!? What was that?" {{champion:79}}: "Argh! ThIS DAMn PLACE! stuPID gRAVes!" {{champion:61}}: "Huh? W-Who's that?" {{champion:79}}: "Huh!?" {{champion:61}}: "Crap!" {{champion:79}}: "heY THe HeLl are-...wait...aren't you...that girl?" {{champion:61}}: "What girl?" {{champion:79}}: "The girl I ran over...the girl that got me into this mess...THE GIRL THAT SHOULD BE DIED!" {{champion:126}}: "Funny, I was about to say the same thing." {{champion:79}}: "Eh?" {{champion:126}}: *Shoots him in the knee* {{champion:79}}: "Gah!!" {{champion:61}}: "Dad!!" {{champion:126}}: "Stay out of this Orianna!" {{champion:79}}: "Argh, the hell was that for!?" {{champion:126}}: "Too many reasons I can't even list. Your the one who hurt my daughter, your lucky she's still alive because this was about to end much more uglier. But I still think it is." {{champion:61}}: "DAD THAT'S ENOUGH!" {{champion:126}}: "Orianna I-" {{champion:61}}: "No, I'm going to say this here and now. I already know." {{champion:126}}: "Know what?" {{champion:61}}: "I'm not your daughter, you built me because yours died." {{champion:126}}: "I...W-What do you mean!?" {{champion:61}}: *Points to Orianna's grave* "I know you haven't accept the truth, but no more it's here." {{champion:126}}: "No....No..." {{champion:61}}: "You have to get out of your delusional fantasy." {{champion:126}}: "Orianna I am your father, stop making up stories-" {{champion:61}}: "Your the one who's making up stories! Your daughter is dead, I am not her! I was never her! You can't just accept the reality!" {{champion:126}}: "......." *Sheds a tear and drops his gun* {{champion:61}}: "Huh?" {{champion:126}}: "I...I...Just wanted things back to the way they were...I just wanted my family whole...I just wanted my daughter back..." {{champion:61}}: "Dad..." {{champion:126}}: "Please, don't call me that. I don't even deserve to be call that." {{champion:61}}: "...." *Hugs him* "Are you ok with this?" {{champion:126}}: "....Much." {{champion:79}}: "Ugh..." *Grabs gun* "You both are going to di-" {{champion:83}}: *Knocks him out with a shovel* {{champion:61}}: "Mr. Yorick!" {{champion:83}}: "And the murderer has fallen to soil his victim lays. Sorry I got here late Orianna." {{champion:61}}: "It's fine besides you saved us." {{champion:83}}: "Hehe, yes. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to inform the enforcers of justice to take this man." *Drags Gragas away* {{champion:61}}: "I guess it's over." {{champion:126}}: "No, I'm afraid not." {{champion:61}}: "Hm?" {{champion:126}}: "I might have to go too, and confess what I did to Camille." {{champion:61}}: "Oh..." {{champion:126}}: "Don't worry, I'll be fine." {{champion:61}}: "Ok...and I'm sorry." {{champion:126}}: "Don't be. I made this story up, and now it's finally ended."
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