A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 1

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _I Want To Break Free_** {{champion:64}} "Then, you wanna know what I said to him?" {{champion:150}} "What?" {{champion:64}} "After all that, I just hit him with a "GG EZ" The look on his face afterward was priceless. I swear, he would have ripped my head off if he could." {{champion:75}} "You're a toxic man, lee." {{champion:64}} "I know, I know. Hey, I gotta get back to work. Can't just hang around the water cooler all day." _**Suddenly, all the power in the building goes out, leaving the corporates shrouded in complete darkness.**_ {{champion:64}} "Guess I won't be doing that after all." {{champion:75}} "Can we talk to Corporate Mundo about adding more windows again? It's the middle of the day, we shouldn't be in total darkness because the lights went out." The sound of machines turning back on fills the room and dim red lights illuminate the building. {{champion:150}} "Thank Rito he installed those emergency generators. I don't think we could survive the summoner's rage if League went down again." A voice booms through the loudspeaker system: {{champion:81}} "Attention everyone! Oh sorry, that's really loud. Testing, testing, much better. We are experiencing a power outage, the cause is unknown. Know that are investigating and will have the issue resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, the backup power should keep all vital systems online so you can continue your work. Also, try and avoid using the restroom. Our plumbing system requires the full power on to work, please do not ask me why. I will make another announcement if there is any other news." {{champion:150}} "You know, for a multi-billion dollar company, we have way too many power outages." _**Some investigating later:**_ {{champion:89}} "Hello, you called for us?" {{champion:36}} "No, me very sure me not." {{champion:427}} "Yes, you called the security division for help, that's us!" {{champion:36}} "You? What happen to small angry thing, one that actually look like it know how to fight." {{champion:89}} "Kled? He's out on other business, you know, you told him to go." {{champion:36}} "Oh yeah, Corporate Mundo remember." {{champion:427}} "Don't worry, the two of us are just as capable of protecting this office building as Korporate Kled is." {{champion:36}} "Hmmm, Corporate Mundo not too sure. But, me have no choice." {{champion:89}} "So, what's the threat." {{champion:36}} "So, me identify cause of power outage. Battery has escaped." {{champion:89}} "The battery, escaped?" {{champion:36}} "Yes, many years ago me find man. Strong, powerful, sexy man. He have enough magical energy to power building for lifetime. It seem he displeased with that arrangement and broke out. Me no understand why, he had everything he need. Water dripped from the ceiling on his head, so he not thirsty. Me make sure he get food at least once a week. Me even give him TV to watch." {{champion:81}} "For the record, I was against this whole thing. It was inhumane and I knew something like this would happen. All to save a quick buck on the electricity bill." {{champion:36}} "Anyway, he still somewhere in building. Smart peoples build this device, it track his powerful magic. Use it to find him. Me need you capture and hook him back up to building. Without his power, League will fail." {{champion:89}} "We won't let you down, boss!" _**Sometime later:**_ {{champion:89}} "Alright, according to this device, he should be right in this room." {{champion:427}} "Oh boy, a real fight without Kled here to save us, I'm so excited!" {{champion:517}} "Huh, who's out there!?" {{champion:89}} "You are an escaped prisoner of the Corporates and we are tasked with bringing you in! Surrender now or we will use force!" {{champion:517}} "No, I will not go back to being tortured by that sadist, I am an innocent man!" {{champion:89}} "What, he never tortured you!" {{champion:517}} "Oh yeah, he set up a Television, right in front of me. And all it did was play Kaceytron twenty-four seven. I would have killed myself long ago if his shackles had allowed me the free movement to do so. Smashing that thing was the first thing I did when I got free. Next, I'm gonna smash Corporate Mundo's head." {{champion:89}} "What, Ivern, this doesn't feel right. He's an innocent man, that we locked up to exploit for a profit increase. Are we the bad guys?" {{champion:427}} "Who cares, we're getting paid! **GET HIM DAISY!**" {{champion:517}} "No Daisy, get **him**." {{champion:427}} "Uhh, Daisy, what are you doing? Daisy, stop! **AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!**" _"Runs out of the room as Daisy chases him."_ {{champion:517}} "And then it was just us. What you got?" {{champion:89}} "I uhhh, I am a strong brave woman who can take on any man. **YOU WILL GO BACK TO YOUR SHACKLES!**" _"Slams him with her shield, sending him flying into the wall."_ {{champion:517}} "Ughh, not bad." {{champion:89}} "Come on, what are you waiting for? **FIGHT ME!**" {{champion:517}} "You've got some fight in you. I'll tell you what, walk away now and nothing bad will happen to you. I can tell, you are good inside." {{champion:89}} "Wait a minute, are you underpowered?" {{champion:517}} "What? No! I'm completely overpowered. You should fear me!" {{champion:89}} "Are you sure? Because I think my shield bash just chunked you for half your health." {{champion:517}} "I don't even know why you are questioning this, I'm brand new, of course I'm overpowered!" {{champion:89}} "No no, you released underpowered, that's hilarious!" {{champion:517}} "Whatever, I don't deserve to be mocked by you too." _"Rips a panel off the wall."_ {{champion:133}} **"GET OUT OF MY NEST!"** {{champion:517}} "Been looking for you, that source of that incessant chirping that has plagued me for ages. I just need something from you." _"Ults."_ {{champion:89}} "We have a Quinn nest stuck in there? What did you just do to her, what's going on?" {{champion:517}} "This rebellion just got wings!" _**A giant bird appears out of nowhere, lifting Sylas up by its talons and flying straight through a wall, out into the open sky.**_ {{champion:517}} "For I must be traveling on now! Cause there's too many places I've got to see!" {{champion:89}} **"WAIT, COME BACK, CRIMINAL SCUM!"** {{champion:517}} "Oh, I'll be back, when I say so. Cause I'm as free as a bird now! And this bird you can not change!" _"Flys away."_

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