Jasmine Temple, VS 2020. ( A dream I had. )

I had this weird dream but I'm gonna try to explain it as best I can. But first, go listen to Jesus Walks ( or POWER ) by Kayne West. Okay, back to the main point. The theme is traditional vs rap. Senna returns ( purely for Keke Palmer ), but besides rap; there will be arab / chinese themes from Taliyah. Taliyah will be the main legendary skin, Aphelios will be the main focus of the *video*, weapons showing his between old and new. Nasus and Lucian are also part of this but I don't remember where they are. The color scheme is white, green and gold vs black, green and gold. This was just a dream I just had, don't hate on me. Edit: I forgot to add what the vs part is. You'll be fighting for either traditional or evolved music. Based on the results, next year the champion picked by the people will get a prestige skin and a solo song.

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