The Mischievous Adventures part 388

(The next day) {{champion:22}}: "And that's my story? Who'd you like it?" {{champion:432}}: :3 {{champion:22}}: "Judging by your expression I say it's good. Though I'm still worried about the mid part, what do you think? Should I change it?" {{champion:432}}: *Nods* {{champion:22}}: "Alright, now let's see...ah I got an idea! How about I bring more environment?" {{champion:432}}: :) {{champion:22}}: "And character development!" {{champion:432}}: ^^ {{champion:22}}: "And another romance subplot!" {{champion:432}}: "....." :/ {{champion:22}}: "Oh right, I already have enough of those. You know for someone who doesn't talk your a great source of style." {{champion:432}}: ^^
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