Ultimate Skin Idea for Zoe

So hear me out Riot. I was thinking, you need ideas for an Ultimate skin or a way to make a Skin unique that has never been done before. When you purchase an ultimate skin, you want more bang for your buck and I think a 137 skins in one champion is more Bang in one buck then anyone could ask for. So why could Zoe be the next big skin? Here is why. Spellthief... but instead... Cosplayer! Introducing** Cosplayer Zoe!** {{champion:142}} {{item:3400}} So how does this work? How can she be a Cosplayer? It is very simple. Say the enemy or even your own teammate drops their precious Summoners or even Actives; anything really. Well when she does pick them up, she will simply poof and out of nowhere, Cosplay as that champion! {{champion:266}} : Little beady grimace on her face with glowing red eyes and curled horns with a Banner ribbon dangling from her back. {{champion:84}} : Two pink Sickles with a pink drawn tattoo on one of her arms. {{champion:12}} : Bulky bodybuilder suit with horns worn on her head and a Ring dangling from her mouth. {{champion:32}} : Pretty straight forward but with white bandages or even pink ones. {{champion:34}} : Loosely attached wings on her arms and a beak. {{champion:1}} : Dressed in Red with Actual Tibbers. (Hah, I stole Tibbers from you!) {{champion:22}} : White hair, a hood, cape and a arrow dangling from her neck instead of a key. {{champion:136}} : Aurelion's Crown and a celestial body. (She barks woof a lot in this skin because she thinks Sol is a dog). {{champion:268}} : Golden helmet that is way too big for her and a bunch of skipping ropes dangling around her. (Give her a neat Skipping animation for this Cosplay) {{champion:432}} : Wears the mask, has a bunch of pink fluff around her and tries to imitate bard noised as best as she can. (Woooweewooowa) {{champion:53}} : Orange Plastic taped on to her and a giant "Lets go foam Fist" (She tries to talk like a robot in this skin) {{champion:63}} : Fiery Hair and attire, and talks about burning everything. {{champion:201}} : Bard's Moustache and a very noticeable Hair cap. {{champion:164}} : White hair, and she tries to walk on stilts. {{champion:69}} : Cass's crown, hopping around in a little snake tail outfit since she cannot really slither. {{champion:31}} : This one is hard, no idea but she Hates Vegans in this skin. {{champion:42}} : Corki's moustache, and attire with a little pink motorised vehicle. {{champion:131}} : Very emo looking Zoe. {{champion:36}} : Sticks her tongue out, has a purple muscle suit and carries around a box of apple juice which she occasionally slurps. {{champion:119}} : League of Draven, it is now the League of Zoe. {{champion:28}} : Calls the cops. {{champion:81}} : Ezreal's signature look and smell. (Is this how he smells? So dreamy.) {{champion:9}} : Hay bail Cube body with a Scarecrow hat and a Carrot nose and a little pink Scythe. (Man, something about my outfit just feels so right *Key swirls around her neck*) {{champion:105}} : Octopus on her had and blue paint with little mitten blue claw hands. {{champion:3}} : White bucket armor with Golden colored cardboard as wings. {{champion:41}} : Pirate Zoe! {{champion:86}} : Pink Garen Armor and when she speed boosts after using the summoner of Garen she spins around for a few seconds and if she can pick another Summoner from Garen, she will do the spin again. {{champion:104}} : Candy Cigarette stick that she makes clear as with Voice lines and Graves attire. (Smoking is bad for you Graves!) {{champion:120}} : Horse Mask. Just straight Horse Mask. {{champion:420}} : Braided hair with Green eyes and Markings. (Illaoi, why do your thingies show up in a lot of rules?) {{champion:39}} : Little pink swords attached on a string that she drags around. {{champion:427}} : Shrub outfit with a mushroom on her head. (Shows off her Veganism to Runeterra and hates Cho'gath) {{champion:203}} : Kindreds outfit, but have Aurelion Smol follow her or keep it for {{champion:117}}, no idea, decision is hard here. But without question below is easy. {{champion:240}} : On Top of Aurelion Smol. {{champion:96}} : When she launches her E, it is spit. (Awwwwwk *Peh*) {{champion:64}} : Lee Sin's outfit but she stumbles around. {{champion:236}} : The Sound effects used by Tyler1 by Zoefied (PEWPEWPEW -Dash- PEWPEWPEP -Dash- RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) {{champion:99}} : Dreading herself as she dresses as Lux. -.- {{champion:90}} : I. FEEL. POWERFUL. {{champion:75}} : Meows instead of bark because she thinks Sol is a Dog. {{champion:76}} : Dressed is nidalee and walks around on all fours. {{champion:13}} : The ultimate rework. Oh and let's not forget about the minions, she can cosplay as them too and those ultimate skins? Yeah, easy cosplay. You get the picture. Even have it so if you hit Ctrl + 5 you can keep the Cosplayed Skin on if you like it. This skin will make every game feel Unique because unlike every other Ultimate skin, you get to pick and choose from the champions in your game and no same game will have the same skins (Hopefully). Zoe will have the most amount of skins; 137 and I think that is deserving but I also think deleting the champion would also work. ^_^ Now the problem is, how the hell are you going to do 137 skins, don't think you can. But eh, Food for thought I guess.
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