Szutik the Hierophant

This is a rough champ idea I worked on awhile back, when I thought about how much abilities seem re-labeled and about how meta has been. I wanted to explore a bit for different ideas, and ended up imagining this champion. Fair warning: there's probably no new ideas here, and I didn't consider numbers for durations, damages, etc. The only thing that seemed novel to me is in the Bionic Resonance ability. I don't recall very much friendly-fire being in this game. **Szutik the Hierophant** is a mana-less AD based hybrid role champion living in Zaun, but originally from ancient Shurima. **Apparel**: a large black wrought iron helmet with four alien/unknown animal faces on it; an apparently tattered yet patterned robe; he is larger than humans, but seems humanoid. **Lore**: Renegade of Shurima: a former mage stripped of magical powers as part of exile; drawn to improvisation and sinister attitudes in Zaun, he invests his life experience there; he was one of {{champion:45}} Veigar's tutors. **Kit Details**: **Energy**: instead of using mana, some abilities use or confer an amount of energy; energy cannot be gained passively nor does it drain away. **Passive**: use of some abilities converts stored energy into additional temp armor or magic resistance. _Hextech Form_; Szutik attacks with his fists: **Ohmic Contact**; melee attack, moderate energy cost; health taken from Szutik by enemy champions (including through {{item:3109}} knight's vow etc) does equal true damage to the enemy linked with, up to x/x/x/x/x% of the lesser max health of the two; a static flicker becomes severe gaseous lightning depending on damage occurring. Can be used on jungle monsters but not lane minions. **Capacitance**; melee dash attack, no energy cost; deactivates and puts ohmic contact on cooldown; Szutik dashes a medium distance to a target and transfers x/x/x/x/x health from the target to Szutik, which gradually leaves Szutik but does not return to the target – this difference becomes energy, building up over x/x/x/x/x duration as the health wears off. Any temp health that is removed by damage does not become energy. **Bionic Resonance**; Szutik throws out a x/x/x/x/x size tear-shaped field of gaseous static which will immobilize an enemy champion inside if another enemy champion uses an ability within the field; both enemies must be in the field and only the champion nearest the one using an ability is immobilized for a base x/x/x/x/x duration plus an additional x/x/x/x/x duration mini-stun based on the level of the enemy ability used; this ability effect is not magical and so is not blocked by magic-blocking, nor does it proc {{item:3102}} banshee's or {{champion:90}} Malzahar's passive, etc. _Ancient Form_; Szutik uses a collection of thrown and artillery-like weapons: **Redox**; Szutik throws a handful of iron scarabs full of acid that ground an enemy and reduce their armor; use confers magic resistance (the MR is also conferred for hextech form Q ability use). **Iron Lung**; Szutik lunges a short distance to attack an enemy's lung, afflicting them with lung blight for a time, during which if hit with iron lung again the target will take x/x/x/x/x% additional health damage; if the target is effected by redox, the punch extends its duration and reduces all of Szutik's active cooldowns by x/x/x/x/x; use confers armor (the armor is also conferred for hextech form W ability use). Even at max CDR redox cannot be kept up indefinitely. **Greatbow of Shurima**; Szutik uses the Greatbow of Shurima to fire a long range javelin which does x/x/x/x/x damage at an impact area of x/x/x/x/x size and is guaranteed to crit if it hits a targeted point on the ground instead of a unit or champ; use costs energy and has a longer cooldown than his other abilities; the shot uses an arcing trajectory, has less range than {{champion:101}} Xerath's or {{champion:202}} Jhin's ult, but out-ranges most normal abilities, and has a minimal range. _**Blasphemy**_; ultimate 0/1/2/3; after a brief painful transformation/disfiguration, Szutik gains different abilities; ancient form throws darts and uses a khopesh & javelin if the target is in melee range; dart attacks are abnormally slow and confer small amounts of energy; using blasphemy heals Szutik for x/x/x/x; additional levels allow 1/x/x/x stacks of passive benefits and reduce energy costs by 0/x/x/x. Dart damage is separate from melee damage, which is the same for fists and weapons. Only the darts have abnormally slow attack speed. **AD/AP Scaling** (passive does not scale): Q - %health and armor reduction scale (small) with AP W - scales (medium) with AD E - hextech has no scaling; ancient scales (large) with AD R - healing scales (medium) with AP I like playing {{champion:60}} Elise, which is probably part of the reason for R being a switcheroo. I also figure team engagement could use some more sinister tools, which was the focus of his kit. I think of him as going in like a {{champion:64}} Lee Sin or {{champion:24}} Jax, but having less burst and more staying power, which he can use to disrupt the team before going after a soft target or while face-engaging a front line.

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