Mordekaiser Rework Concept

**Preface** Here's my idea for a **Mordekaiser** rework. It is aimed at making him a solo laner with a higher skillcap and less of an stat-checking and feast or famine interaction. All this ofcourse while still perserving his themes of Heavy metal, dark magic, wraith and enslaver. The way he becomes a solo laner again is by removing the forced aspects of his kit like XP share and dragon enslaving. Less stat-check is achieved by creating more interaction possibilities for him and his opponents, like skillshots [Q], [E] or special types of cc's. Making him less feast or famine requires less synergy with items and/or power that is not item linked. For example by removing his shielding mechanic based on how much damage he deals, which created an obvious problem when he gets a lead (very hard to kill him) and is not that useful when behind (passive does too little). Instead, shield based on health costs is much more constant and can thus be balanced in both extremes. He should be a sturdy and powerful champion yet not very mobile. He should excel at close ranged combat and be a thread to all who dare to come near. He can take his opponents down with both powerful basic attacks and strong magics. His magic is more utility focussed and enables him to get closer or to stay in range and increases his durability, though still deals a lot of damage over time. His weakness is a hit and run tactic, kiting him or dodging his spells is important to ~~defeating~~ take care of him. ___ **Rework Concept** **Innate:** **Mordekaiser** uses health to casts his spells, this health is not immidiatly lost but floats around him as metal shards to deal damage to nearby enemies. The maximum amount of metal is linked to a percentage of his maximum health. The more metal **Mordekaiser** has floating around him, the larger the radius gets. The metal absorbs a small percentage of the damage done to **Mordekaiser**. When out of combat the metal stored decays slowly. **[Q]** **Passive: Nightfall** is a special mace that deals increased magic damage based on **Mordekaisers** AP and the targets maximum HP. **Active: Mordekaiser** swings his mace in a wide arc, and on reactivation slams it down in a line, dealing damage and applying knockdown to all enemies hit. _Potentially: Enemies hit by the mace head take additional damage and are also briefly stunned_ **[W]** **Active:** Hold to channel a percentage the metal surrounding **Mordekaiser** towards him every interval, shielding him for a few seconds based on the amount of metal consumed and the amount of health used. All enemies inside the zone with metal are slightly slowed and grounded. _While channeling **Mordekaiser** can still cast his other spells, move and attack_ **[E]** **Active: Mordekaiser** deals moderate magic damage to all enemies in a cone in the target direction. Holding this ability causes him to channel the lifeforce from all enemies in a cone in the cast direction towards him for a few seconds, dealing damage to all enemies hit and slowing them with increased potency over the duration. **Mordekaiser** heals for a percentage of the damage done. _While channeling **Mordekaiser** can still cast his other spells, move (slowed or not) and attack (as he channels with his offhand)_ **[R]** **Active:** roughly the same idea as the current one but does not work on dragon. ___ Please let me know your opinion and feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
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