Riot, where's my Camille skin?

I'm going to be straight, the only reason why I play this game is because of Camille. I am really, really biased and I know there are more champs that haven't received a skin in ages. Without Camille, I wouldn't be playing this game at all because of how fun her kit is. Not only that, it's the only relatable character that makes sense to me as I am a programmer. Gotta love those quotes and her voice acting is on point. She just seems like a character who has a care(less) personality in the weirdest way that makes it lovely. But it's the voice acting that tops it off hence why I don't like her current skin that came with her. The semi-robotic voice in the default skin is just so damn good I just never get bored of those quotes. So I just wanted to know if she'll ever be getting a skin anytime soon? If you keep her voice partially the same and give her a sexy skin, I'd pay for it even if it was 1820RP. Literally the only champ that keeps me playing regardless if I suck at her or not. I play this game for fun and that kit is just unbeatable (IMO). We need more champs like Camille as well (I know 100% this is gonna get so much hate), what I meant by that is more champs with the same style of personality (with a fun kit, doesn't have to be too overpowered). I know this question has been asked dozens of times over but I just want to remind Riot about this. **Just a reminder: ** I am biased so yea take this post with a grain of salt if you hate Camille that much <3 I will play her no matter how shit tier she gets, as long as that kit doesn't change (a.k.a rework). Unless of course, another champ like her comes out :D
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