Fiddlesticks should be scarier.

I’m not saying fiddle needs a rework, I’m just saying if they decide to, this would be super fun. Fiddlesticks rework. Passive: halberd of fear Fiddlesticks auto attacks (melee btw, who carries a billion sythes??)are empowered vs.champions, each dealing bonus magic damage and applying a stack of terror to an enemy champion. Upon gaining 3 stacks, an enemy champion is marked as scared, and the next basic attack or ability will detonate all stacks to produce different effects. Marks fall off when fiddlesticks is not visible on screen. Q: Reap. Fiddlesticks swings his halberd at the neck of enemies in a cone, dealing damage and applying a stack of terror on champions. If a target champion has 3 stacks of terror already, fiddlesticks will deal 10% of their health as additional damage. W: sow Fiddle commands a flock of crows, he can command them to dive bomb a target area slowing enemies and adding a stack of terror to champs If the target is scared, the crow will grant fiddle increased movement speed. E: blood let Fiddlesticks slings a crow at an enemy draining their life and storing it. When the crow is full it falls to the ground (upon enemy death or damage cap) allowing fiddle to pick it up and consume the life. If the target is an enemy champion and they are scared, the crow will automatically return to fiddlesticks and grant him bonus resistances. R: shhhhh Fiddlesticks Takes his true form, dealing damage around himself and slowing as a swarm a crows peck at enemies. Fiddlesticks can move freely inside the storm and attacking any scared targets with abilities will amplify their effect. Q: CD is reset W: stuns the scared target E: heal is increased Looking forward to hearing what you all think! If something doesn’t make sense be sure to say so lol
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