@Rioters; I have to question your decision making on these latest Harrowing Skins.

This is mainly towards the "Slayer" {{champion:222}} and {{champion:80}} . Because anyone can look/dress up like a Vandilizer, Punk-biker style individual for Halloween, but these skins dont exactly scream...Harrowing Skins. Honestly, Pantheon already got a pretty solid Dragon SLAYER Skin 5 months ago and Jinx just got her Lunar Revel Skin maybe 7 months ago? Hers respectfully worth 1350 RP while Pantheons is worth 975 RP(subject to change). Who makes the final ruling on whats considered for the Harrowing? Dont get me wrong on the Zombie {{champion:20}} Skin because thats a great Harrowing themed Skin. Its just disappointing to see skins for the Harrowing this year used up on 2 champions who just this year got solid looking skins. I feel the creative skin designe team could have and still CAN do better than this imo.
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