Draven needs a legendary

The skin team has been putting out some KILLER skins, and they've been on the ball and I love just about everything they've put out. There is a champion, however, that is missing that TRUE legendary...DRAAAAAAAAAAAVEN. Draven always has a decent play rate and is infamous and adored by the League community. so much so, he got an April Fool's event focused around him. Right now he is sitting at 4% per champion.gg, and 7.2% per League of graphs. Whether those numbers are accurate, Draven has very dedicated one tricks playing him, as well as others that see how hype the champion is and want to give him a shot. This is the most promising aspect of a Draven skin: People want to be good at Draven. Many people want to say they're a godlike Draven main and that they're the most aggressive. Riot is a business, so I believe that if Draven got a legendary skin, a lot of people would be willing to pick it up and start being that Draven main that they've always wanted to be. And those dedicated Draven one tricks will undoubtedly pick up the skin. I think a Draven legendary would make a lot of sense business wise, without even the need to buff him or change him because of his allure as a champion. Draven already has Primetime, sure, but that's a discounted legendary and at this point, it's not very comparable to most legendary skins. Imagine something crazy like Project Draven, where the spinning axes are his hands, and when he throws one that isn't spinning, another axe can quickly generate...maybe not this skin concept. Maybe something new for Draven. He's iconic, and there is plenty to be done with him. In conclusion, I believe that due to Draven's popularity AND infamy among the player base, a new legendary for him would garner a lot of attention and subsequently a lot of sales while also giving a popular champion their first real legendary for the toxic Draven mains to enjoy. Hope you guys over at Riot consider an idea like this! Thank you for reading.
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