[Champion Concept] Hela The Gourmet Witch

Im feeling creative or maybe im hungry but i have an idea for a tank support that uses the power of witchcraft and cooking to slaughter her enemy. Hela is a witch that goes around the world collecting different ingredient that she use in her magical cauldron to make snack. **Passive: Yummy Snack!** Hela can go around the map collecting ingredient that falls off minion, monster and champions. Once she have enough ingredient she can make a snack for herself and an ally that will heal for 10% of Hela Max health Plus a bonus effect depend on the snack made for 5 sec. * Red snack : Boost Ad/Ap by +5/7/10 * Blue Snack: Boost Armour/MR by +5/7/10 * Green Snack: Increase Movement speed by 5%/10%/15% ------ **Q: Sweet Batter** Hela throw batter in a targeted direction dealing 50/75/100/125/150 (+80ap) damage and coating the first enemy hit with batter. Enemy that are coated will heal allies for 5% of the damage dealt to them. ----------- ** W: Run Away Cauldron ** Hela jumps into her cauldron and roles to a targeted location flattening any enemy in her way, when she arrive at her location she jumps out and gains a shield. --------------- **E:Whack!** Hela takes her cauldron and smack it across the enemy face causing them to be stun for 2 sec and dealing 50/75/100/125/150(80ad)(80ap). --------------- **R: Gourmet Explosion ** Hela throw her cauldron to a location dealing 200/300/400 (75ap) damage in an area. The cauldron will keep erupting snacks in the area that will heal your allies.

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