Risen Lissandra (1820 RP) REPOST

Risen Lissandra includes: New voice overs New recall animation Particle changes And special interactions Voice overs: Jokes: The Desert is hot... i prefer indoors. I was sleeping for a millenium... has anything changed? Taunts: Fall beneath Shurima mortal! The hot sands of the deserts will swallow your dead corpse! I will cast you to the desert! Voices when moving: I am a neveresting ascendant. Azir will kneel. The scorching heat is paradise. The real battle will come soon. Mortal's life is worthless. I never rest. My power is far beyond their reach. All will kneel... in time. They will surrender. When using W Fight me!!! Taste my anger!!! When using E towards an enemy You will never escape alive!!! Face the claw! When using E to escape You are weak. I am a far beyond your reach. You can't do better than that. At least you tried. When using R Die!!! I will be your end!!! This will be your tomb!!! Special Interactions: Towards Azir: Foolish child. You are still mortal... you are not the ascendant. Chosen by the sun. Towards Sivir: Your trades end here. Towards Cassiopeia: Face me Gorgon. Serpents always fail. http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1432924420/ascended_lissandra_by_elgota-d815zrn.jpg lissandra has not many skins , i found this and i think it should be released original post : http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/WwGHHk7e-risen-lissandra-1820-rp
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