Asylum/ Mental Hospital Skin Line?

So recently I've been thinking about a new skin series that could potentially become pretty good. Let me elaborate: Shaco is kinda crazy as we know, so giving him an asylum skin was just obvious. The thing is, many other champions could benefit from this skin line. Amumu is severely depressed (one of his abilities literally resets faster the more you hit him), so having a Straight-Jacket Amumu/ Asylum Amumu skin shouldn't be too far off. Plus the visuals would look fantastic, since straight-jackets already have some "bandages" to restrict the patient's movement (give amumu a living skin tone, reduce his head size a little bit, cover his head in bandages, give him a Straight-Jacket, change up his abilitie's visual effects to something more crazy and voila, you got yourself a mental patient!). Anyways that was just one of many ideas I have (I've thought of Kayn, Sion, Master Yi(cause he hits so damn fast, it could look absolutely fun if the animation changed a little bit to make him look like a maniac), Malzahar.....). To clarify, I DON'T want it to make fun of mental illness, I just want something I can relate to and have fun playing, some sort of a little fun caricature (I suffer from a bunch of stuff AND am unmedicated (because I believe meds will fuck me up even more) ).

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