[Champion Concept]: Mar'Dok, Conductor of the Void

#Mar'Dok, Conductor of the Void **Primary Role:** Support **Secondary Role:** Mage *** *** #Overview: Mar'Dok is a large whale like creature that originates from the Void, and has adapted to Runeterra's aquatic environment over the years. Harnessing the power of pure energy to both help his allies, and hinder his enemies, Mar'Dok makes an aggressive AP Support, with a fair share of utility. This Voidborn excels in trade-offs, whether it be poke and damage, or dealing with harass from the enemy team. Being at the center of the fight makes Mar'Dok more vulnerable, but is where he needs to be to maximize his potential. Through health transfers, shielding, poison gas, and an awesome mouth cannon, Mar'Dok has a lot to offer as far as keeping his team alive, and making it difficult for his enemies to do the same. #Statistics >**Health:** 525.16 (+85 per level) **Mana:** 354 (+56 per level) **Attack Damage:** 51 (+3.5 per level) **Ranged:** 400 **Attack Speed: 0.625** (+2.7% per level) **Movement Speed:** 335 **Health Regen:** 5.5 (+0.55 per level) **Mana Regen:** 6 (+0.8 per level) **Armor:** 24 (+3.8 per level) **Magic Resist:** 32 (+1.25 per level) #Abilities http://imgur.com/03RYwg3 **Passive: Maelstrom Coat** >- Each ability cast within a 625/675/750 radius of Mar'Dok gives him a stack of "Maelstrom", holding a maximum of 3/4/5 stacks. For each stack, Mar'Dok gains 6/9/12 Magic Resistance, and grants him an aura which increases allied movement speed by 2/3/4% per stack. Upon casting an ability, all Malestrom stacks are consumed, and the ability will deal 25/35/45 magic damage per stack. *** http://imgur.com/8J0FNBM **Q: Surging Transference** >- Mar'Dok draws energy from an enemy target, dealing 65/90/125/160/195 (+0.5 AP) Magic Damage, and healing a nearby allied champion for 40/85/130/175/210 (+0.65 AP) health. If there is not a nearby allied champion when Mar'Dok draws the energy from an enemy, Mar'Dok can store the energy for up to 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds before recasting to heal a nearby allied champion, or himself. > **Cost:** 75/90/105/120/135 Mana **Range (Enemy):** 700 **Radius (Ally):** 625 **Cooldown:** 9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5 Seconds *** http://imgur.com/0vC3vx0 **W: Deterrent Field** >- Active: Mar'Dok creates a 575 radius shield around him at his current location, blocking enemy projectiles and ground-targeted Area-Of-Effect abilities (But does not work with turrets). Enemies that enter the field take 40/65/90/115/130 (+0.35 AP) (+0.7 MR) magic damage and have their movement and attack speed slowed by 15% for 2.75 seconds. > **Cost:** 70/80/90/100/110 Mana **Range:** Self/575 **Duration:** 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds. *** http://imgur.com/ZFPkwP9 **E: Toxic Haze** >- Mar'Dok channels for 0.5 seconds, then unleashes a poisonous gas within a cone in front of him, dealing 20/35/50/65/80 (+0.55 AP) magic damage per second, reducing their vision range within the cone, and marking them for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds. While marked, enemies will take 6.5/7/7.5/8% more damage from all sources besides Toxic Haze for the damage duration. > **Cost:** 40/55/70/85/100 Mana **Range:** 700/725/750/775/800 **Damage Duration:** 4/4.25/4.5/4.75/5 seconds **Cooldown:** 16/15/14/13/12 Seconds *** http://imgur.com/aC6EXkJ **R: Unhallowed Cannon** >- Mar'Dok slows himself by 20/18/16% of his movement speed and begins channeling for up to 5 seconds, creating a massive sphere of energy from his mouth. As Mar'Dok channels for the first 3 seconds, the sphere increases in size (larger hit marker), and Unhallowed Cannon's range and damage increases. At the end of the channel, Mar'Dok shoots the sphere in a target direction. Upon colliding with an enemy champion, the sphere continues along its path, carrying the enemy champion, as well as other enemy champions along its travel path, back a distance inversely proportional to the travel distance before it explodes, dealing a minimum of 120/145/170 (+0.45 AP) and a maximum 180/240/300 (+0.65 AP) magic damage and stunning enemies within a 475 radius for 1.5 seconds. If Mar'Dok does not reactivate Unhallowed Cannon within the 5 second time period, the sphere explodes at his current location. > **Cost:** 115/145/175 Mana **Minimum Cast Range:** 550 ** Maximum Cast Range:** 2400 **Knockback/Continuation Range:** 950-300 **Cooldown:** 150/125/100 Seconds *** #Lore **Overview:** Creatures of the Void have emerged from many places across Runeterra, whether it be the first known Voidspawn in the fabled Icathia, or the Baron Nashor and the Serpentine River. Mar'Dok entered the world from its vast sea, adapting to his/its environment, all the while eating and instilling fear into its various inhabitants. At first, Mar'Dok kept to the abyss, but something has drawn the beast's attention to the surface, although not a soul could tell you what. The little information that exists on the Conductor is but legend: a monstrous behemoth commanding the sea and storms, vanishing in a cloud of death before striking you down with otherworldly lightning. Whatever the case, take extreme care when crossing the seas, for venturing into the beast's territory may be the last thing you ever do. *** # *Voyage* > It was a dreadful day that one. No matter what time of day it was, the darkened grey clouds seemed to give the whole world the guise of night. The tides rocked the ship violently as if it were some abusive mother driven mad, shaking its child in a fit of sorts. The rain descended with a blood lust, dropping heavy fire on any living thing that dared be exposed. I'll never forget that day. > > I hunkered down high up within the ship's nest, braving the sky's raging tempest and did as best I could to keep a lookout. We were roughly three days from Bilgewater, where glorious riches awaited us, and our exotic cargo. It seemed like an easy enough job, and rather generous bounty even divided by the crew. People would kill for less, hell, I've killed for less. I figured that if I just sucked it up, I'd be sitting rich before I knew it. > > The ship hit something along its starboard side, making an echoing thud which was audible even from the nest. The rest of the crew stirred from bellow deck, wondering what the hell was going on, and I was thinking just the same. I pulled out a telescope from my jacket and tried taking a gander down bellow, but the waters were too uneasy to discern anything. Talk went around that we could've hit a reef or something, but something about it seemed off to me. A reef would've scrapped the hull, I reckoned, but we weren't taking on any water. > > A moment after, the ship got knocked into from the opposite side, nearly tipping the damn thing in the process. The force knocked me out of the nest, and I hung onto the edge for dear life, as best as I could anyway. The hammering rain was loosening my grip, and my heart sank to the ocean floor at the thought of falling to my death. Next thing I know, some colossal beast leaps out of the water and breaks the mast in two, and the whole damn thing comes plowing down the length of the ship. > > By some miracle, my sorry self is still hanging onto the rope ladder, dangling next to the window of the Captain's Quarters. I wrap my hands around the ropes to hold a grip, and begin swinging for the window. After spending about half a minute building up momentum, I let loose and crash through the glass like a rock through the baker's window, landing flat on my back in a pile of shards and splinters. I cringed at the pain as I rolled over and stumbled up and towards the deck. > > When I opened the port, I saw some horrifying creature shooting arcs of violet lightning through several crew mates, as if ripping the very life from their bodies. When the corpses dropped, the damn thing looked at the rest of us, with about nine eyes in all. I had never seen anything like it before, it was some giant...*thing*, with its ashen grey plating, and violet-red flesh. Damn thing's jaw was huge, hell, the whole thing was huge. I would've bolted and ran right then and there, but I didn't like my chances. After a few more moments of paralyzing fear, ugly opened its mouth real wide and spewed a huge cloud of magenta gas which quickly covered the deck, and not a moment later I heard the bodies start to drop. > > I ducked back into the Captain's Quarters and slammed the door before running over to the Captain's desk. Opening one of the drawers, pulling out a bottle of Myron's, drenching a handkerchief in the stuff until it had a deep molasses smell to it, and holding it up to my face. The poisonous gas crept underneath the door, but I reckoned I was safe enough for the moment. The real problem was how the hell was I going to get out of this? > > It would've seemed the damn beast answered that for me, as a cannon shot of otherworldly light tore through the once beautiful ship into little more than ash and splinters. I sank into the water with the wreck, kicking my legs as I swam upward towards the surface. For awhile, my head bobbed up and down on the bloodthirsty waves which tried swallowing me more than a time or two. I swam towards part of the wreckage; the captain's door laid flat on the waves, and I threw myself on top of it as I gasped for air. The only remnants of that foul creature to be seen was an bolt of violet lightning which shot down along the horizon, and a vague shadow plunging back into the deep. *** #Dialogue: **Upon Selection:** > "Power is all that I crave." **Movement:** > "The abyss was far kinder on my eyes." > "Push...and pull." > "There is always a current." > "The requiem of chaos is never ending." > "Chaos merely requires...guidance." **Attacking:** > "Their life force is far too fragile." > "So easy to snuff out, a life." > "Their power is mine to consume." > "Look at how they struggle!" > "Rip the life from their bodies!" **As Mar'Dok gains more and more stacks of Maelstrom, his dialogue becomes static almost, descending into mindless, chaotic roars.** (Jokes/Taunts to be added) *** Gallery: Profile: http://imgur.com/6HSKkzH Front: http://imgur.com/oTFO98A Side: http://imgur.com/gbIQ2xy Back: http://imgur.com/wDQvp63 Top: http://imgur.com/AzrMfxM Bottom: http://imgur.com/qAYdNmU Sculpts are by me (as are the ability icons). *** #Fun Facts! * Mar'Dok's namesake pays homage to a canceled champion concept, Mardok (Fisherman of Souls), by Jestercapp. * "Mar" is latin for sea, but also means "impairing the appearance or quality of something". * "Dok" means "Depth of Knowledge", but also just sounds like a boating "Dock". * By coincidence, Mar'Dok took on facial figures to his skeleton counterpart. * Mar'Dok's center eye represents the light on Mardok's miner's helmet. * Mar'Dok's anatomy was originally based off of the Leviathan and Zurvan (Zerg) from Starcraft. * His anatomy was later altered to be more turtle/whale-like, while retaining the Void theme. (More to come! But what would you like to know?) *** _**Change Log:**_ * Removed Health Scaling on Q. * Increased AP scaling for damage to 0.5 from 0.45 on Q. * Reduced Blind to 1.75 seconds from 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds on E. * Added scaling Range on E: Changed to 700/725/750/775/800 from 750. * Increased self slow to 20/18/16% from 20/16/12% on R. * Reduced Stun radius to 475 from 625 on R. * Fixed some wording, and balanced out damage on R. * Performed some technical fixes and slight changes to E, including lowering the damage duration to 4/4.25/4.5/4.75/5 seconds from 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds. I recommend checking out the other changes first hand. There is more to be added, such as a full lore, dialogue, and animation descriptions! Please be patient! In the meantime, tell me what your think! Your thoughts, feedback, and more are all welcome in the discussion bellow! And as always, thank you!
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