Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline is going away at the end of season 9
Following Riot Games' announcement about Teamfight Tactics becoming a permanent addition to League of Legends, the company also delved a bit more into the other game modes in its latest /dev diary. Sadly, Twisted Treeline was confirmed to be getting cut from the game.
{{champion:63}}Hey Riot Games, I heard that you were actually thinking of discontinuing the Twisted Treeline (TT) map in place for more modern Gamemodes like Nexus Blitz and Teamfight Tactics. I honestly had no idea about this so when i was looking at the meta for Twisted Treeline I came across a Rift Herald article and was shocked at the fact that this was happening. I Alright i have a proposition to make, I feel like Twisted Treeline has so much potential as a 3v3 gamemode in League of Legends. I was playing ranked the other day and got so tilted at my trash teammates so I did some flex q in TT and literally had a s*** ton of fun, and i still counted as ranked. What i noticed was that all the neutral creatures and map design looked so outdated and could be refreshed alot like when Riot updated the Summoner's Rift map and all the neutral objectives on it. It would really make a big difference for me and other TT players to not have to remove this nostalgic and great map and gamemode. Honestly I know Riot Games could think of so much more that could make TT so much better, i noticed that TT has unique items to maps like Howling Abyss and SR and that's unique. I wish they could add different concepts besides the altars because they're kinda gimmicky. However the altars are a good start. Riot could also just keep the altars and give different bonuses for capturing them. But i know for sure (if Riot even listens to this request) that they should update how the altars look. Also the wolves look so weird in TT , kinda like hairy cotton balls with legs honestly. Alright thats my proposition. I havent looked to seen if anyone else was outraged about the news of TT but i guess its important cause i went to the leaderboards of TT and i saw people in CHALLENger LMAO. like i never thought that people actually grinded a mode like TT in ranked. I honestly thought it was a fun map to just unwind when people were tilted in SR. so yeah i hope people agree with this idea and that Riot will at least ackowledge it. yeah thats it i guess..{{summoner:52}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{item:3113}} {{item:3113}} {{item:3113}}
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