The Mischievous Adventures part 399

(Day 7/Final day) {{champion:245}}: "Huh, well I guess this it." {{champion:99}}: "Yeah, damn it I wish we had more time." {{champion:81}}: "Hey hey, at least we enjoy the time that we had." {{champion:113}}: "Ezreal is right. Beside I don't want this to get more sad than it already is." {{champion:99}}: "...I guess your right." {{champion:92}}: "So, got any final thoughts? Or a cheesy good-bye speech." {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}}: "Please no good-bye speechs." {{champion:245}}: "I'm not going to do a speech. about a photo?" {{champion:21}}: "That sounds perfect hon. Come on every one, say last day." {{champion:81}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:115}}: "Last day!" {{champion:21}}: *Takes picture* "There we go." {{champion:245}}: "Thanks." {{champion:21}}: "No problem hon." *Car horn* {{champion:76}}: "Ekko, it's time to go." {{champion:39}}: "Well Ekko, I say it being with you." {{champion:122}}: "To be honest, I'm going to miss you." {{champion:90}}: "Ditto." {{champion:203}}: "Let's hope you don't find anyone as good as us." {{champion:203}}: "Wolf!" {{champion:203}}: "What?" {{champion:115}}: "I'll be sure to make a firework after you." {{champion:150}}: "Roof!" {{champion:96}}: "Bark!" {{champion:35}}: "Hey when you get to your new place, can you get me some photos of-" {{champion:245}}: "No." {{champion:222}}: "Don't forget us!" {{champion:61}}: "Hope you have a nice ride." {{champion:141}}: "...Do good." {{champion:245}}: "Ok ok, thanks." {{champion:163}}: "....Ekko...will you ever come back?" {{champion:245}}: "...I'll be sure to come back one day. I promise." {{champion:163}}: "Alright then. Well, it was nice being with you Ekko." {{champion:245}}: "Same here Taliyah. Anyway, see you all again one day." *Goes into the car* {{champion:236}}: "You ready?" {{champion:245}}: "...Yeah." {{champion:236}}: "Alright then." *Starts to drive*
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