Ashe (The new Aatrox) ?

I feel like ashe has become the new aatrox atleast before he finally got some changes, shes really been left behind. Its been over a year since i last saw someone play her, in any game mode. I played her the other day just for fun, and i realized why nobody plays her. Shes Boring, compared to ALL the other Adc's, ashe is really boring and just lack luster, the only thing she really has going for her is her passive and ult (which scales with AP, but she builds AD, just like old aatrox) she doesnt have very high damage, yet theres Caitlyn, Tristana, Jhin, and Draven that i see ALOT of, all of which have mobility, (ashe doesnt) They have all AD scaling on every ability (Ashe has AD scaling on 2 abilities) and they all do a ton of damage. I think its time that the Queen of the Freljord gets some love. Heres a list of how other Adc's are compared to Ashe: {{champion:18}} : Has All AD scalings. Her E gives her a good escape/Engage (That RESETS on kills) and an ult (That scales with AD) and can also displace MULTIPLE champs. {{champion:119}}: All AD Scaling, Has Very High Damage, His W gives movement speed (ALSO RESETS on axe pickup). A "global" high damage ult. and an E for CC. {{champion:202}} : All AD Scaling. Very High Damage, W roots and gives movement speed passive, E that slows, and an ult that can do Extreme Damage and slows. {{champion:51}} : All AD scaling, Long Range High Damage, W roots for guaranteed passive headshot for big damage, and E can be a mini dash plus passive headshot if it hits, and and ult that is extremely hard to dodge unless theres teammates around or you have the right item. And then theres {{champion:22}}: 2 AD scaling abilities. Her Passive is extremely helpful giving slows on every auto. Q gives bonus attack speed and a slight damage buff, W is good poke and ok damage, E useful for keeping vision and then here ult, granted its a global stun that can go up to 3 seconds, (or 3.5 i dont remember) But it has minimal damage, Scales with ap) I have some ideas for changes for ashe but those will be for another post.
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