Zepist [The Spirit Mover]

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
___ Original Image : http://kelly1412.deviantart.com/art/dark-spirit-394426449 Author : Kelly1412 **Zepist was an urban legend of the once largely populated race of the Darkins, rumors of a large spirit controlling people of their own race, causing bloodshed through the village spread quickly. Nights of the largely populated Darkin race could result in thousands of deaths, with no cause besides a slaughtered, winged warrior. These heroes fearing for their lives ran away from place they once called home, only to be still killed at night.** **With Darkin warriors fearing for their lives, some commit suicide to see and feel the horrors of the mysterious deaths. Stories had spread throughout the village however, a young male named Aatrox who had described that a man had died in front of him. A large spirit appeared in front of his eyes, and went into the young man, the man's expression changing into a emotionless, blue lit face, and falling to the ground, blood spewing out from his body.** **Zepist stared into the eyes of the Aatrox, Aatrox having no fear in his eyes, ready to face death. The spirit disappeared mysteriously in the night, taking on a humanoid form, before disappearing once more.** ___ **Passive : Being Control** **Zepist has no actual form, taking over "humanoids" that he creates. If this humanoid dies, and Zepist is left in the air for over 6/8/10 seconds, he will begin to take 7% of his maximum HP per second. Zepist has no mana costs. ** **Ability 1 : Spirit Creation ** **Cost: 4%/3%/2%/1%/0 of Zepist's current health / Cooldown : 21/19/17/15/13** **Zepist will unleash a humanoid creature, 350/450/600 range away from him, in which he can transfer himself to, even from another humanoid, the humanoid having the amount of health he has at the moment. In a humanoid he can move, and auto attack. If a humanoid hasn't been transferred to in 7 seconds, it will automatically explode, dealing 30 + 55% of Zepist's AD / 65 + 65% of Zepist's AD / 100 + 70% of Zepist's AD / 125 + 75% of Zepist's AD / 200 + 85% of Zepist's AD** _- Context on this ability : Clicking on a humanoid will allow Zepist to transfer to it, and there is no cooldown to how many times he can transfer himself, and Zepist can only have two humanoids at once. Using another humanoid will automatically kill the one that had existed._ **Ability 2 : Death Shield** Cooldown : 23/21/20/19/15 **Zepist creates a powerful shield in front of him using his spiritual aura, taking away 3%/4%/4.4%/5%/5.3% of his maximum health instantly, creating an area that will explode any humanoids, in the area instantly, giving him 3%/5%/6%/7%/9% of his maximum movement speed, and granting him increased health regen.** **Ability 3: Spiritual Control** Cooldown : 15/14/13/12/10 **Zepist takes control of a minion, jungle monster, or a low health player, launching them forwards if they are in 1000 range of him, dealing damage to the area, or creature that was launched. ** **Ultimate : Zepist's Blast** **Zepist channels for three seconds, creating a wave of spirit energy, that will instantly kill ANY non champions besides epic monsters, and stunning any enemies in the area, and exploding any humanoids.**
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