Third Skin Group to go along with the Project/Program universe

Virus Sample champions to include: {{champion:28}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:9}} Champions good for the Virus theme often deal with enemy controlling or damaging-over-time abilities, abilities often meant to force an enemy into actions they don't want (or locking them out). This also offers an outlet for mostly humanoid champions who otherwise have trouble fitting into either Project or Program. Visually, these characters would be like Program champions, but darker colors and much more rigid (as in boxy) designs. They would look more jagged, as if something had corrupted them from the smoother, more friendly visuals Project usually has. These characters are meant to appear like they would hide in a dark alley, waiting for you to walk past a few steps too close. Story wise, these are the characters that were abandoned because they were outdated or not meeting expectations. Characters that would resent being discarded so handily and rising up to sow chaos mostly for just spreading it. They had their worlds burned down, so now they're working to burn everything else.
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