Ranked system/ NEW?!?!!?

The fact is that there are many bad players in the high divisions and very good players in the low leagues stuck there for bad teammates. bad players have reached the high leagues thanks to their teammates who have taken care of them. Often they fail the games of good players, which is unfair. Why not create a ranking system based on murder / death / assists. 1 point for murder, 1 to 1.5 for assis- tance, minus 1 point for death. I will give an example if I am in the gold and I have 50 lp and played a game in which I have 5/0/0 that will be 5 points that will be added to the lp and I will have 55. If I have 5/5/0 then I have 0 points and will not add anything to lp. if I have 5/6/0 then I will have minus 1 point and after the game I will have 54 lp. if I have 5/5/1 I will have 1 to 1.5 points and after the game I will have 55-55.5 points. if I have 0/10/0 then it means I will get minus 10 points and after the game I will have 45 points. the end of each game points of kills and assists will be collected and points of deaths will be taken from them. With each win, we get bonus points of maximum 5, at a loss of 5 points. As now, when you collect 100 points you go to promotions for the next division, then you will need 3 wins to move to another division and 5 for another league. When you lose too many points and find yourself in the dеmotion, there are 3 battles where, if you win in 2 of 3, you will stay in the same division if you do not go to another low division(promotions to stay in the same division). The winnings will have a significance only in promotions, even if you lose because of someone who is an afk or feeder you will earn points, depending on how much kill assists and deaths you have. So bad players will remain in the low division until they become good, and the good players will have the chance to go to the high league. Example MY TEAM IS DEFEATED: ME: (MID) 10/2/12 PLAYER 2: (JG) 2/7/2 PLAYER 3: (TOP) 1/9/0 AND GO AFK AFTHER THIS PLAYER 4:(BOT) 4/9/3 PLAYER 5:(SUPP)1/0/9 ME AND SUPP PLAYER WILL GET POINTS AND WE WILL MOVE ON, OTHER BAD PLAYERS WILL LOSE MANY POINTS AND STAY ON THE SAME DIVISION OR BE DEMOTED. IF YOU LIKE THIS RANKED SYSTEM, LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST, AND LEFT COMENTS WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT!!! THANK YOU! GL HF {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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