A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 6

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Season09-Episode06-Title-"The-2019-Summoner-Sweeties-Pet-Show"_** {{champion:16}} "Well, if there's a bright side to our building being set on fire, it's that we get a couple paid days off." {{champion:19}} "And just in time to go to- _**"STATIC"**_ _**"STATIC"**_ _**"STATIC"**_ _**"STATIC"**_ _**"STATIC"**_ _**"STATIC"**_ {{champion:17}} "Holy shit, we actually did it?" {{champion:45}} "Sarge, you're transmitting." {{champion:17}} "Oh, right. Hello, now I know, you are probably expecting the Cats VS Dogs event story. Well, I'm sorry to say, that has been canceled. From now on you are reading An Omega Squad Matter." {{champion:18}} "I thought we agreed that we weren't going to say that." {{champion:17}} "I know what we talked about, but I liked it. And I'm back in charge so I get to decide." {{champion:105}} "She does have a point, it doesn't really roll off the tongue like A Corporate Matter does." {{champion:17}} "Well, this is live so too late now. Speaking of which, stop interrupting me. You are making us look like idiots." {{champion:105}} "Alright, keeping my opinions to myself." {{champion:17}} "Now where was I? Oh right. We, the Omega Squads, have taken over A Corporate Matter. From now on you can come here every week to read about our heroism, our stories. If you don't like it, then too bad. But trust me, we are far more entertaining than the Corporates ever were, just watch." _**A few minutes later:**_ {{champion:29}} "Alright, who replaced all the regular coffee **WITH DECAF?!**" {{champion:17}} "I did, you don't need all that caffeine with you working on us. You are a Doctor, and you need steady hands." {{champion:29}} "Dammit Sarge, I'm a miracle worker, not a doctor!" {{champion:45}} "Has anyone seen the open missile I left on the table." {{champion:105}} "Yeah, I threw it out." {{champion:45}} "What, **WHY?!**" {{champion:105}} "What do you mean why? It was a missile, in pieces, that you had already fired once. It was taking up the whole table. Missiles are only meant to be used one time." {{champion:45}} "I know, but that one was still in pretty good condition. I could have fixed it back up." {{champion:105}} "It was a safety hazard, you would risk our safety to save a few bucks on a new missile." {{champion:45}} "Well, I have to save money where I can. Since certain members of our team love to waste so much of it on the unnecessary." {{champion:105}} "You leave my swimming pool out of it. I am fish and need it, you know that." {{champion:17}} "Guys guys, is this really the content you want to be in our first episode?" {{champion:18}} "I don't know what you were expecting. I told you, we don't do anything interesting enough to fill a weekly story." {{champion:17}} "Yeah, well I know a secret to get something to happen. Quick, someone mention how nice and peaceful today is." {{champion:29}} "But it's not. Today sucks, like every day." {{champion:17}} "Just do it, someone." {{champion:105}} "I'll humor him. Wow, today sure is nice and peaceful. I love just relaxing and having nothing crazy happen." {{champion:18}} "Now what?" {{champion:17}} "Give it a minute." {{champion:18}} "You okay Sarge? Did you hit your head or-" **"Knock Knock Knock!"** {{champion:17}} "See told you something was gonna happen." {{champion:51}} **"PILTOVER POLICE, OPEN UP NOW!"** {{champion:45}} **"IT'S THE COPS!"** {{champion:18}} "You ratted us out to the police? **TRAITOR!!!**" {{champion:17}} "What, I would never. I didn't know this was going to happen." {{champion:51}} "They aren't responding, you know what to do." {{champion:254}} "On it." _"Punches open door."_ {{champion:105}} **"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"** _"Runs."_ {{champion:51}} **"WE GOT A RUNNER!"** {{champion:106}} "Not for long." _"Runs him down."_ {{champion:18}} **"FIGHT, THEY ARE NO MATCH FOR THE OMEGA SQUAD!!!"** _"Leaps at the police."_ {{champion:48}} "Who knew raiding a terrorist den would be this fun. DIE, HAHAHA." _"Knocks Omega Squad Tristana out of the air."_ {{champion:45}} "Prepare to face an unstoppable barrage of-" _"Gets punched in the face."_ {{champion:254}} "You're right Trundle, this is pretty fun." _"Commits police brutality on Omega Squad Veigar."_ {{champion:29}} _"I surrender."_ {{champion:17}} "You know, I think private had the right idea." _"Runs really fast."_ {{champion:18}} **"COWARDS!"** {{champion:51}} "I got him." _"Aims, then one shots one kills Omega Squad Teemo."_ {{champion:17}} **"AH!"** _"Falls over."_ _**A few minutes later, all the Omega Squads are tied up in a corner of the room:**_ {{champion:51}} "All the terrorists have been apprehended and it safe for you to come in and disable their hacking device." {{champion:36}} "Good good. Corporate Mundo worried we never get back A Corporate Matter. It too important to lose. Me just need break this device and everything back to normal next week." _"Smash."_ _**Signal lost.**_

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