Anyone else wants a new Volibear skin?

Alright so I _guess_ I can see why they wouldn't want to make a Championship Volibear since Thunder Lord Voli already kinda looks like a Championship skin. (Also, I have no idea how they choose which champions get Championship skins and I don't follow the tournaments, I play casually for fun.) But come on, couldn't they make him a PROJECT skin or something? Also, the one I really, _really_ want is a God-King Voli. I mean, he's a Demi-God so technically a God and thus _could_ potentially get one, right? Or is that something they where only planning to do for Garen and Darius? Any other Voli fans out there? I'm interested in what you guys think, any of you have an idea for a cool Voli skin or do you have another champion you like who hasen't gotten a skin in a while?
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