A Corporate Matter 1/28/19

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Don't Go 'Round Tonight It's Bound To Take Your Life There's a Blood moon On The Rise Part II_** {{champion:266}} "I need more power. That fool of an eclipse lord and his follows will kneel before me." {{champion:429}} "So you've decided not to kill them then?" {{champion:266}} "No, they will kneel as I execute them one by one." {{champion:429}} "Oh, okay." {{champion:266}} "Do not be sad. I know, a fellow blood moon dying is never something good. But they are weak and have the potential to bring us all down. Better to prune them right away, before it's too late. Now leave me, I need to think." {{champion:429}} "Yes sir." _"Walks into a different room."_ {{champion:60}} "So, what are we doing?" {{champion:429}} "I don't know, he's thinking." {{champion:91}} "This sucks. I didn't agree to be part of this just to sit around and do nothing. We were doing that will Zilean just fine." {{champion:28}} "Have a little patience boy. You can't have any fun without a little foreplay first." {{champion:91}} "Well, that's not how I do things. I just wanna get in, do my job and get out. Quick and easy." {{champion:28}} "You and every other man." {{champion:429}} "I'm gonna admit, I'm also having second thoughts. I wanted to save all of us from a life of pacifism, not kill half of us for being confused." {{champion:98}} "Well, it's not like we can turn back now. Zilean will never take us back for betraying him like this. You know how much he wanted Blood Moon Zed." {{champion:412}} "You should all silence. If he hears us talking like this he won't hesitate to kill you too." {{champion:555}} "Yeah, I just joined you guys and you are all starting to really bum me out." {{champion:266}} **"IT IS TIME, SERVANTS TO ME!"** _**They all walk into Blood Moon Aatrox's room:**_ {{champion:266}} "While I have no doubt I could kill that fool Zilean as I am. I don't like to leave things up to chance. I need more power. I will become even stronger than I was in my previous life." {{champion:412}} "How do we accomplish this feat, master?" {{champion:266}} "There is an ancient fountain of untold power. I had heard of it and was on my way when I was ambushed and died in my previous life. If I reach that fountain, nothing will be able to stop me." {{champion:98}} "What about the rest of us?" {{champion:266}} "All who are loyal to me will share in my power." {{champion:91}} "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" {{champion:266}} "Be prepared, it's quite a journey." _**Quite a journey later:**_ {{champion:266}} "At last, we are here!" {{champion:98}} "Hey, look what I found." {{champion:60}} "What is it?" {{champion:98}} "Some sort of glow in the dark face mask, weird." {{champion:266}} "Someone else has been here, recently. I didn't think any who lived still know about the Fountain of Prestige. No matter, it's power is limitless and available to us all." {{champion:429}} "So, how are we doing this." {{champion:266}} "I will bathe in the fountain first. After I'm done will all have a turn. With the power of prestige, we will be unstoppable." {{champion:28}} "Do we have to bathe alone, or can someone join me?" {{champion:266}} "I would recommend only one at a time. Unknown things can happen if you start mixing bodies." {{champion:28}} "Shame, I love mixing." {{champion:266}} "Stand back, I'm going in." _**Blood Moon Aatrox walks into the Fountain of Prestige. He submerges for a number of seconds before rising up with a great yell:**_ {{champion:266}} **"I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!!"** _"Walks out of the fountain."_ {{champion:266}} "Who wants to go next?" {{champion:555}} "Hey, the mountain wall looks damaged over here. I see something shiny in the cracks. I'm gonna try and get it out with my harpoon." {{champion:266}} **"WAIT, STOP YOU IDIOT!"** _**As soon as Blood Moon Pyke sticks his harpoon into the crack in the wall, the whole mountain begins to shake. The crack grows exponentially. The fountain starts to bubble and the rocks and pieces of the temple begin crumbling.**_ {{champion:266}} **"EVERYONE, TO ME!"** _**Everyone runs to Blood Moon Aatrox. He grabs them all in his arms and flies them off the mountain just as it begins to explode. Sending streaks of prestige power everywhere.**_ {{champion:555}} "Wow, that was close." {{champion:266}} "You have no idea what you've done. The Fountain of Prestige is destroyed. All that raw power is now out in the world. Waiting for some unsuspecting fool to absorb it. Runeterra will never be the same." {{champion:555}} "I have no idea how I did that." {{champion:266}} "That glowing stuff you saw in the wall was the raw prestige, before it is refined and pumped out into the fountain. By introducing a foreign power, like the one in you harpoon. You made it unstable. Whoever was there before us was lucky they didn't cause the same reaction." {{champion:28}} "The world would have so many fewer problems if people could just stop sticking things in cracks where they don't belong." {{champion:266}} "It doesn't matter, I have enough power to kill the Eclipse lord myself." _"Flies in the direction of Blood Moon Zilean."_ _**Some flying later, they land just outside Blood Moon Zilean's base.**_ {{champion:266}} "He's in there. I am going to call him out, then we end this." {{champion:36}} "Wait wait wait!" {{champion:266}} "Who are you?" {{champion:36}} "Me is Corporate Mundo, me here because me smell huge money opportunity." {{champion:266}} "Well, leave. I am about to do something very important." {{champion:36}} "Me only need second. You are Blood Moon Aatrox, but different. How?" {{champion:266}} "Sigh." "I bathed in the Fountain of Prestige, giving me untold power. Also, it made me look much cooler." {{champion:36}} "Me see, and where can Corporate Mundo find this fountain?" {{champion:266}} "It was destroyed by one of my idiot servants." {{champion:36}} "Yes yes, me know all about that problem. One more thing." _"Pokes Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox with a needle."_ {{champion:266}} "Ow!" {{champion:36}} _"Puts the blood a handheld device."_ "Hmm, as Corporate Mundo thought, same readings as that K-pop band. Me see huge cash opportunity here. You bring in more money than any skin Corporate Mundo ever see. Thank you." _"Leaves."_ {{champion:266}} "Now that that's over with. **ECLIPSE LORD, COME AND FACE YOUR END!!!**" {{champion:26}} _"Walks out with the rest of his followers."_ "I knew you'd be back." {{champion:266}} "Well yeah, I said I would. I will give you one chance. Surrender now and I will make sure you all die a quick and painless death. Don't, and I can make it last for days." {{champion:98}} "Just do what he says." {{champion:84}} "Shen, you and I were acolytes together forever, how could you turn on me like this?" {{champion:98}} "I wanted to be a blood moon demon to have people fear me, to be a symbol of eternal darkness and fear. Not a glorified fry cook." {{champion:84}} "If it wasn't for Zilean we would have never gotten these demon powers in the first place, we both know that." {{champion:98}} "Well, now that I have them I want to use them." {{champion:266}} "Last chance, are you going to surrender?" {{champion:26}} "Yes, yes I am. But before you kill me. Can you just give my chili cheese fries a chance? You'll never know if you don't try." _"Kneels and holds out chili cheese fries."_ {{champion:266}} "Fine, I suppose I can humor you." _"Grabs the chili cheese fries."_ {{champion:412}} "Wait, don't eat tho-" {{champion:266}} "Silence! I do what I want." _"Eats a bite."_ {{champion:26}} "Well?" {{champion:266}} "These are the single greatest things I have ever experienced. You are right, who need souls when you have these. It's a shame I still have to kill you. But don't worry, I will continue your mission, just I will actually be good at it. All will bow before the chili cheese fry empire." _"Eats the rest of the fries."_ {{champion:26}} "Sorry, but I am the only one who rules the blood moons." _"Stands up."_ {{champion:266}} "You wish to die on your feet, so be it." "Swings his sword at Blood Moon Zilean." _**His sword passes right through Blood Moon Zilean, leaving him unharmed.**_ {{champion:266}} "Huh, **WHAT!?**" _"Swings at him again, with the same result."_ {{champion:26}} "Don't wear yourself out." {{champion:266}} **"WHY CAN'T I KILL YOU!!!"** _"Keeps swinging."_ {{champion:26}} "I put a spell on those chili cheese fries. You now exist in a slightly different space-time than me. Which means you are incapable of touching me, but I can hurt you." _"Throws a bomb at Blood Moon Aatrox, exploding and knocking him back."_ {{champion:266}} "But, in order to make the spell, you would have needed a piece of my soul after I prestiged. How did you get it?" {{champion:429}} "It was me, I brought you in to save us, not kill us. I couldn't stand by and watch as you killed my family. So I took a piece of your soul while we were flying over here, attached it to a spirit and told it to fly to Zilean. I hoped he had known what to do with it." {{champion:266}} "So what now? Are you going to kill me and send me back to the hell I belong in?" {{champion:26}} "No, I don't kill blood moons. But I am going to punish all of you for betraying me. Including you Kalista." {{champion:429}} "I know, I expect it." {{champion:26}} "But if you work hard, all of you can once again be back on equal footing with my loyal subjects. Now head inside and wait for me to think of a proper punishment. This whole ordeal was a colossal waste of time." _(Welp, been doing this for four years now. That's pretty good if I do say so myself. 2018 was a really rough year for me, thank you all so much for sticking through it with me. I love writing A Corporate Matter for you guys and hope to keep doing it as long as League still has players. 2019 is gonna be a good year, I hope to expand A Corporate Matter, and maybe even do another project. I'll let you guys know if I do anything. Until then, this was the season finale. I'll be back again in two weeks. Thank you all for reading ♥. **A CORPORATE MATTER WILL RETURN ON FEBRUARY 18TH!**)_

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