New Team LP gain/lose idea

Just thinking out loud here. Theoretically speaking LP won or lost could be a share-based loss or gain potential. That is to say, the losing team loses 100LP dispersed over the five losing players. Then based on the individual performance of each individual player the amount of "shares" of the total loss of 100LP is divided up based on the "negative player impact" of each individual player in that particular lost game. This punishes poor performance harder forcing serious reflection as well as dampening the loss of LP for a player that performed well that game but had poor teammates, tilted players, trolls, feeders, AFK etc. The invert side, the winning team, rewards players more for "hard carries" (as they would receive a larger portion of LP based on their larger "positive player impact" on the winning of that particular game) and lessens the amount a player can gain by being hard carried ––they'd receive less "shares" of the total 100LP gain of the winning team due to a smaller "positive player impact" on the winning of that particular game–– thus rewarding well-played games and punishing poorly played games more effectivly on both winning and lossing teams respectivly. This gives an advantage to the consistent player and hinders the inconsistent player. Now as for how "share attractors" of the 100LP gain/loss is the hard part... Any thoughts?
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