Constella - The Cosmic Mother

**THIS IS NOT MY ARTWORK** This is my idea for a 'Cosmic Birthmother' of sorts. She'd be a female enchantress, possibly a bit bubbly and care free, but very wise as well. She is the reference to cosmic balance and the powers that be. Possibly {{champion:142}}'s mother? I hadn't come up with a story yet for her, but I digress. Slender, tall woman with preferably the scales of judgement and balance; Look to any fantasy art for Libra's for reference. I'm sure Riot could do this sort of thing perfect justice. The Cosmic Skin lines are some of my favorite skins, so it would be fitting if there was a champion sort of birthed in those roots. Let me know what you think! She is a support, more versatile with allied numbers. She may seem strong but remember this can all be adjusted with high cool downs or stat changes/mana costs. Just food for thought, is all. Gender: As female as a cosmic God could be Joke(s): __"No, I'm not a Libra... Why do you ask?"_ *While she giggles and holds up the scales of the universe sarcastically, tilting her head.* - "Would you like to play a game? _Oh, I know! Connect the dots?"_ *While she conjures miniature stares before you and starts connecting them with her finger* - _"I dance with creation because it always teaches me something new." (This one is more so on her more alluring, in love with the universe side. Possibly depicting a girl that dances within the stars.)_ Abilities: **Star Link Passive:** Constella may click and mark allied champions every so often and that champion becomes **Star-Linked**, until they move out of range of Constella or another **Star-Linked** allied champion; Or are slain. Whenever Constella uses an ability on an allied champion or herself,** Star-Linked** allies will be affected for a small portion of that ability as well. Abilities shared between at least three **Star-Linked** allied champions will be granted the maximum affects of Constella's abilities. _Amount of allied champions that can be marked by Star-Link will increase with Constella's level._ _Constella also starts the game with her W ability._ **Cosmic Embodiment Q: Activate: (Skill shot)** Constella will launch either a Sun or a Moon in a target direction, depending on her W's toggle ability. **Sun** - The sun will pass through minions, dealing magical damage to enemy minions it passes through. Whenever the Sun hits an enemy champion, it'll stop; The enemy champion affected by the Sun will begin to take magical damage over time for their max, missing health. Whenever the Sun hits an allied champion; it'll stop; The allied champion affected by the Sun will begin to heal over time for their max, missing health. **Moon** - The moon will pass through minions, increasing the attack speed of allied minions for a short duration that it passes through. Whenever the Moon hits an enemy champion, it'll stop; The Moon will begin to pull all nearby enemy units towards the Moon affecting the enemy champion, displacing their movement. Whenever the Moon hits an allied champion, it'll stop; Shrouding the location of allies with the Moon when they are attacking enemies in hidden locations. (Brushes, fog of war, ect.) **Cosmic Interference W: Toggle Ability:** **Untoggle:** Constella will ready the Sun for her __**Cosmic Embodiment**__ ability. **Toggle:** Constella will ready the Moon for her __**Cosmic Embodiment**__ ability. _ Each champion can have only one Sun and one Moon on them at any given time. If an enemy champion is given the Sun and the Moon, they will explode; Removing the Sun and Moon from them and dealing magic damage in an AOE radius. If an allied champion is given the Sun and the Moon, they will be shielded for a large portion of Constella's AP. _ _If a champion is given the same, repeating combination of the Sun and Moon, one will be removed._ **Universal Push E: Activate:** Constella will expand planetary rings around her character base, dealing magical damage to all enemy units hit in an AOE radius around her, and pushing them back passed melee range of Constella. Melee champions will not be able to hit Constella during this time. Allied champion affected by **Star-Link** may move into Constella's ring to replicate the ring around themselves, provided they are touching and/or overlapping Constella's ring. If three or more **Star-Linked** champions are within this ring, they will gain increased movement speed for a short time. **Astrological Anomaly R: Activate: Skill Shot** Constella may launch out an astrological anomaly that will pass through enemy minions and terrain. If it hits an enemy champion, they will begin to transform into a supernova. If it hits an allied champion, they will transform into a wormhole. **Enemy Champion:** Their movement speed will begin to reduce itself rapidly to zero; Disabling their movement after a couple of seconds. A large AOE range will surround them and they will detonate a large area for a large amount of magic damage, pushing all enemy units back a large distance. **Allied Champion:** After a few seconds, they will become a **Wormhole**. All **Star-Linked** champions and Constella at a large range away from this **Wormhole**, may click on it to teleport to it.
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