Jhin and Kindred anyone?

Jhin and Kindred are my two favorite legends in LOL. They're so unique and fascinating... from the dual embodiment of death to a murderer who feels death is the most beautiful aspect of life. And what's even cooler is that Jhin hums the same song as Kindred. I'd really love to see more interaction between the two in-game because even though they may or may not be related, I feel like there's so much potential for more of a story behind Kindred and Jhin. Also, I may or may not ship Lamb and Jhin. I mean, think about it. What if Jhin kills so that he can get a glimpse of Kindred? And his morbid fascination with death started when he saw someone die and realized that death isn't as scary-looking as you'd think. In fact, Kindred look really beautiful. Perhaps that's where he heard the song and repeatedly sings it to himself so that he never forgets it. And maybe he tries to make his murders look as beautiful and meticulous as possible to impress kindred and draw them near. Of course, I already know the story of development where they split off from the same concept, but the potential is so great and it's so romantic! Imagine Jhin trying to teach Lamb how to feel emotions, and how to appreciate the beauty in her monotonous job that she only does because it's her purpose. Imagine him marveling at her marksmanship (which could be why he likes guns for his performances) I just really want to see them together, and at least have one line that shows that they acknowledge each other's presence. They're my two fav champs, I just love them so muchh
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