Inibonn The Strongest Alive

----------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's Basic Statistics ----------------------------------------------------------- Primary Role: Tank Secondary Role: Support Theme: Strongest Person Ever Concept: Adapter/Ally Protector Attack damage: 50 (+3 per level) Attack Speed: 0.5 hits/second (+ 0.08 hits/second per level) Attack Range: 125 Movement Speed: 345 Total Health: 550 (+80 per level) Health Regeneration per 5 seconds: 10 (+0.1 per level) Armor: 20 (+3 per level) Magic Resistance: 15 (+3 per level) Total Mana: 535 (+25 per level) Resource (Mana) Regeneration per 5 seconds: 5.5 (+0.1 per level) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As an explanation for those that do not understand what has been typed above... Here is a recap, one paragraph per line. (Just keep in mind, this section about the basic statistics of Inibonn does not include any modifications from any source, whether from abilities, runes, masteries, or items bought.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . His intended primary role is a tank, however, he is also easily able to be played in the role of support. For tanks, the damage of his basic attacks are average and scales averagely. His basic attack speed starts lower than average, but scales to have his attack speed a little higher than average. Inibonn is a melee champion. In comparison to other champions in the League of Legends, he is a slow champion... You want to buy this guy some good boots so he could actually be at the fights when you want him too. His total health is pretty low for a tank and scales slightly lower than average. His health regeneration is high in the beginning, but scales to level out at level 18. For tanks, he has little armor but scales higher than average. For tanks, he has little magic resistance but scales higher than average. For tanks, he has average total mana and it scales averagely too. For tanks, he has average mana regeneration and it scales averagely too. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's Abilities ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Just keep in mind, each of Inibonn's abilities do not include any modifications from any source, whether from the basic statistics, other abilities, different sections from the same ability, runes, masteries, or items bought except for what is mentioned in the ability at the official rate described.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's Passive -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's passive, "Immortality", enables Inibonn to adapt to the damage he receives during the game: Every 80 true damage he receives, he gains 1 total health. Every 400 physical damage he receives, he gains 1 armor. Every 400 magic damage he receives, he gains 1 magic resistance. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's Q Ability -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's 'Q' ability, "Revenge", passively stores one revenge stack with every 50 damage he receives. Upon activation, Inibonn transforms all of his revenge stacks to deal true damage to a champion of his choice. (Target ability maximum-range = 125). The amount of true damage he deals is equal to (The number of revenge stacks) * (Damage per stack according to upgrade -- 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5). The Mana Cost for "Revenge" is | 50/55/60/65/70 |. The Cooldown for "Revenge" is | 12/14/16/18/20 |. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's W Ability ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's w ability, "Unstable Battery", throws a battery to a targeted location that can then be detonated within the next 3 seconds. If he does not detonate the battery, it turns invisible. Then he just has to throw another one on top of it or use "Static Call" near its location. When an "Unstable Battery" detonates, it deals physical damage before stripping armor and magic resistance from enemies caught in the range, but as for allies, it gives them armor and magic resistance. The effects stay for 3 seconds and allies then receive a damage absorbing shield that lasts for 2 seconds. A passively staying "Unstable Battery" lasts for 10 minutes. (Ability-Target range = 50) (Ability-Explosion radius = 150) (Target-Area ability maximum range = 550). The amount of physical damage "Unstable Battery" deals is | 5/10/15/20/25 | + (1 Attack Damage). The amount of damage "Unstable Battery" shields from is | 5/10/20/25 | + (0.02 Total Health) + (1 Ability Power). The amount of armor "Unstable Battery" shreds/gives is | 5/10/15/20/25 | + (0.025 Armor) + (0.1 Ability Power). The amount of magic resistance "Unstable Battery" shreds/gives is | 5/10/15/20/25 | + (0.025 Magic Resistance) + (0.1 Ability Power). The Mana Cost for "Unstable Battery" is | 35/45/55/65/75 |. The Cooldown for "Unstable Battery" is | 12/14/16/18/20 |. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's E Ability ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inibonn's's 'E' ability, "Static Call", sends a lightning bolt to strike down after a 0.5 second delay in a small area dealing magic damage and stunning all enemies struck by the lightning bolt. "Unstable Battery"s within a larger radius are detonated. (Ability-Target range = 50) ("Unstable Battery" detonation range = 450) (Target-Area ability maximum range = 600.) The stun time of "Static Call" is | 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5 |. The amount of magic damage "Static Call" deals is | 10/20/30/40/50 | + (1 Attack Damage). The Mana Cost for "Static Call" is | 100/115/130/145/160 |. The Cooldown for "Static Call" is | 12/13/14/15/16 |. --------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's R Ability -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's 'R' ability, "Safeguard", when activated, redirects a percentage of the damage being received by an ally of his choice (Including Inibonn) to Inibonn at a reduced amount and for 10 seconds. (Target ability maximum-cast-range = 200.) (Targeted ally must remain within the range of 3000 or "Safeguard will end.) Inibonn redirects |85%/90%/95%| of the damage being received by an ally of his choice. The redirected damage is reduced by | 20%/35%/50% |. The reduction takes place before armor and magic resistance takes effect. The Mana Cost for "Safeguard" is | 130/160/190 |. The Cooldown for "Safeguard" is 140 seconds. ------------------------------------------------------------ Inibonn's's Lore -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A man named Inibonn was born into a financially struggling family in Piltover. They were constantly starving. Inibonn took this as a call to duty At he age of ten, he invented traps from old batteries that were found in abundance. He also became quite muscular fighting for food. At the mere age of fifteen, Noxus attempted to cut the Fryeljord off from its allies by means of the south east. They saw Piltover as a minor threat and a good place to restock. Inibonn eventually changed their minds. The Noxan weapons were close to worthless on his hide-like skin. They had an even smaller chance going around him due to the rather explosive traps Inibonn set. The general devised a plan. They kidnapped Inibonn's's family and attempted to make him surrender, but his fierce love for his family forbade them from any harm. With this problem neutralized, he forced the Noxan army to retreat. Just a month later he received a letter saying: "Inibonn, We commend you on the victory against Noxus, but we regret to inform you that we cannot permit you to remain outside the Fields of Justice. You are a potential threat to those around you. Come to the Institute of War within the month. Join the League of Legends, and we will ensure that your family is safe and provided for. Ashram." Inibonn and his family decided that they would be better off with a fresh start, so they packed up and left their refuges in Piltover for a new life. Upon arrival Ashram promised both Inibonn and his family that his family will never have to worry about their next meal or fear for their lives again... for as long as Inibonn is a member of the League of Legends. "Arm wrestle anyone?" -- Inibonn ------------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn's's Tips --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Playing as Inibonn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o Inibonn thrives on receiving damage. Allow your self to be poked, and try to be the focus of the minion aggravation. These will allow you to take full advantage of his passive, increasing his armor/magic resistance/health as he is harmed. o Try to save your revenge stacks for when you really need it. When the jungler or wandering laner comes to gank you, give them a nice surprise, or even when you have enough of them to strike the finishing blow on the enemy laner (particularly if you are in top lane). Another time to use your revenge stack would be to cripple the enemies' highest damage output member at the start of a team fight. o In the role of support, using your stun while your ally is nearby in the early laning phase would provide an incredible opportunity for the adc to deal some serious damage without having to worry about getting some in return. o Also, if a full-out team fight has started, and your team is on the wrong side of the engage, one well-placed "Static Call" can bring the advantage to your team. It is not smart to try to initiate a team fight with "Static Call" unless all of your enemies can be stunned at the same time. It would also be wise to strategically place "Unstable Battery" to detonate beforehand. o Use "Unstable Battery" to herd team fights away from unwanted areas by placing them in these areas while the enemies can see. --------------------------------------------------------- Playing against Inibonn --------------------------------------------------------------------- o Attack Inibonn last in a team fight, unless he has ulted someone. o If Inibonn has ulted a tank or tanky fighter they will be virtually impossible to kill. Just ignore that champion or simply disengage. o If Inibonn has ulted an easily killed high damage output champion, remember, he only mostly protects that enemy, and that enemy is still susceptible to crowd control. Stun them, and they are not very hard to kill. Leona would work well in that compartment. If this has happened, either first kill the other high priorities, or if there are none, kill him/her. OR disengage until the ult has ended. o Try to trick Inibonn to wasting his "Revenge" early and often, especially in the early lane. o When laning against Inibonn, do not poke him. It will only make it that much harder to kill him when you engage. o When you engage Inibonn in lane, do not engage him until you are after the kill. Overkill is better than barely leaving him alive. Killing him still makes him stronger because of his passive, but at least you still get the gold from killing him. But leaving him near dead is bad, very bad: you will not have the gold from killing him, and you will only have made him stronger... again, because of his passive. o If you are in top lane, have your jungler gank often and for the kill. Early he is a weak character and not hard to kill, make use of that, because it will not last for long. o If he is support, and you are against him, before he gets to level six, force the adc out of the lane. Just ignore Inibonn. If you do little to him his "Revenge" will do little to you, but if you keep his adc weak and out of lane with little farm, he cannot simply hold the lane on his own. o Get the oracle lens trinket and use it often. No sense in letting "Unstable Battery" get out of hand. --------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn Does Poorly Against ------------------------------------------------------------- Leona: She can bypass Inibonn and go straight to targeting the adc. In addition, she has the stuns to keep the adc out of the battle while Inibonn is not able to give the damage to do much himself. Vi: She can break his armor. Also, she is able to keep him from getting away, so that she can kill him instead of only nearly killing him. If, however, she is not after him, she can ult past him. --------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn Does Well Against -------------------------------------------------------------- Urgot: Urgot thrives on poking his enemy to kill them, but Inibonn thrives on being poked, and only makes it that much harder to kill him. In addition, Inibonn can ult someone that Urgot is targeting, protecting them from the consistant attacks. Cassiopia: Cassiopia normally dominates a lane because she pokes them away, over and over again. But the pokes will only make Inibonn stronger, and then combining that with his Revenge ability, he can rush up to her, and kill her with the damage she just provided him with her own pokes. Ashe: She can spam her volley of arrows all she wants, but Inibonn just asks for more. Minions also aid him in countering her because they all do physical damage. She can ult him, then he can counter with Static Call. In addition, he can keep her from going places with his Unstable Batteries. Finally, if he gets tired of her, or of an ally (such as a support) poking him, he just goes up to her while she is failing to kill him with her shots, and uses Revenge on her to finish her off. --------------------------------------------------------- Inibonn Does Well With ----------------------------------------------------------------- Katerina: His Static Call is great for stunning the enemy team for a strong Katerina ult; in addition, he can ult her to protect her when she rushes in for that ult. Master Yi: Inibonn can ult him to keep him safe while he charges in, changing him from a squishy assassin to a partially tanky and very powerful assassin. Also, his Unstable Batteries can keep the enemies close together to allow Master Yi the best use of his time hitting the enemy rather than chasing after them. Lucian: Inibonn can use his Unstable Batteries to punish the enemies for moving away from Lucian's ult. In addition, Revenge can save them if they are rushed. Also, Static call is great to keep the enemy still for a good start for Lucian's ult.
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