Character Creation Competition?

Hey there everyone! 😊 I love creating champion suggestions and coming up with my own League stories and mechanics, and I hope you do too! Lately I've been thinking about potentially setting up a couple competitions that would revolve around champion creations and your creativity. Before I do so, it would be beneficial to know how many people would actually like to have this sort of thing on the **Concepts and Creations** Board. I know that people aren't as interested in the whole idea of creating champions and such as before (back in the olden, LoL forum days!), but hopefully we can get enough participants to get things running. With enough engagement, I would definitely implement **skin giveaways** and other fun things down the road in order to reward you guys for taking your time to create some awesome and fun champions! Let's get involved with the community and may Lord Pepe guide you. ⭐️ (voting concluded)
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