Idea for a Kindred Rework

_**Disclaimer:**_ _I don't necessarily think that Kindred are in need of a rework t h a t much, I'd say that they're balanced as is, but if you're interested in a rework based on what their aesthetic is suppossed to be and how to relay it more "accurately" (I'd say) then proceed reading this, have a nice day _ :) Right, so, these guys{{champion:203}} right here, they've been around quite some time (I've personally have them as one of my mains since their release :3). These few years I've been thinking that they aren't really the _"Two eternal hunters"_ they're made out to be but rather "A magic lamb and her lapdog". Which, truth be told, bothers me a little. Therefore, while thinking about that a few days back I came with the idea of a rework. Is it broken? Is it too much like Rek'sai/ Kayn? Are the stats bogus? Idk, this was just a neat little idea I wanted to share, nothing more, nothing less. So without further ado, here are the proposed abilities: |**Passive**| : Same as before with a single difference: Marks on jungle appear to yourself and your team before they do to the enemies (2-3 minute gap) I'll go on a tiny detour here and talk about the W first, forgive me. |**W**| : _"Spirits of Duality"_: ACTIVE: The Player-controlled character switches from lamb, an adc, to Wolf, a tank. Visually, Wolf becomes more 'corporeal', gaining a humanoid form and lamb becomes much like wolf before, becoming a spirit that orbits him and resembles a puffy cloud. Wolf is a melee character wielding a double edged axe, similar in aesthetic to lamb's bow, but with wolf's colour scheme. PASSIVE: Each of the two has a separate inventory (maybe a slot less than usual, for what semblance of balance i can simulate for it), with their separate gold stashes. Marked Jungle clears and Marked Champion kills/ assists give gold to both, when buying an item half of that item's worth in gold will be transferred to the other COOLDOWN: 10 secs (note: Kindred starts the match as Lamb, always) |**Q**| **Lamb** : _"Final Grace"_ : Lamb charges up a shot that pierces through enemies, exploding and dealing aoe damage in a small radius should it hit a Marked Champion/ Monster Camp **Wolf** : _"Morbid Pounce"_ : Wolf leaps a considerable distance forward, landing in an area and knocking up enemies around him, a Marked Champion/ Monster Camp gets Stunned (note, regarding the exact length of the leap, i'd say half the distance between the mid-lane's bushes) COOLDOWN: 7.5 secs |**E**| **Lamb** : _"Dance of Arrows"_ : The old Q, gains a temporary burst in AD should she hits a marked champion **Wolf** : _"Cowards' Plight"_ : PASSIVE: Wolf gains higher movement speed when chasing a marked enemy with his back turned on him ACTIVE: Wolf snatches the enemy with his axe, dealing some damage and hurls them behind him COOLDOWN: 12 secs |**Ultimate**| _"Joy of the Hunt"_ : ACTIVE: Both of Kindred's spirits become corporeal at the same time, the one that isn't the player becomes controllable ( Like Timbers, or Old Morde's ult ). PASSIVE: W gains extremely reduced cooldown, when using it, the player takes control of the other spirit, and the one they were using becomes controllable PASSIVE: If the one not controlled by the player dies, W's cooldown extends to the length of the respawn timer, after becoming available again it's cooldown goes back to normal. COOLDOWN: 200 sec. I hope y'all found this silly thought of mine interesting, or at the very least amusing. If you have any stats for those abilities you want to suggest then by all means, please do so! (you see, i'm not that good at it myself :P) . Anyhow, until next time, ciao!
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