A Character Idea That is Basically a Cannon Bot

You wanna know what the coolest part of Nexus Blitz and URF is? THE CANNON! So here's the idea: what if there was a character from Piltover that could fit this? So here's my idea: We're gonna go with a robot that has a disk platform launcher on it's back that helps rapidly deploy Piltover Police. His name can be RD100 or something. It's almost spider-like in design but only has 4 legs. Passive: When within a certain range of allies, passively gain a movement speed bonus. Q: Hextech Gate: You can place a post down. When two posts are next to each other, they create a barrier that stuns enemies using dashes and slows enemies that walk through it. There can be a total of 3 charges. W: Platfrom Launcher: RD100's movement speed is slowed and it gains damage reduction. Allies that click on RD100 can use it to fire a platform they can ride that will knock up enemies hit in the platform's radius. RD100 can then recast to jump to their ally's platform. E: Flanking Dash: RD100 dashes while gaining a small shield. R: On first cast, RD100 cycles through Armor Sphere or Assault Sphere. Once chosen by casting again, RD100 can then recast and fire an ordinance to a location that either shields or gives adaptive force.
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