A Corporate Matter 1/14/19

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Did You Read What They Wrote About Him?_** _**"Knock knock!"**_ {{champion:16}} "Come in." {{champion:14}} "Hello, yes. I appear to be lost." {{champion:16}} "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Where are you trying to get to?" {{champion:14}} "I'm looking for whoever writes the, ask the corporates, blog." {{champion:16}} "Oh, that would be Corporate Braum, he's down in public relations." {{champion:14}} "Thank you very much." _"Leaves."_ {{champion:16}} "Wow, he was really well mannered for a Sion." _**A few minutes later:**_ {{champion:14}} **"CORPORATE BRAUM!"** {{champion:201}} "Uh oh, what does he want." {{summoner:31}} "No idea." {{champion:14}} **"OPEN UP, I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A WORD WITH YOU!"** {{champion:201}} "Whatever you do, do not open that door. **SORRY, OFFICE IS CLOSED RIGHT NOW. PLEASE COME BACK ON NEXT WEEK'S BRING YOUR COMPLAINT TO WORK DAY!**" {{champion:14}} **"I AIN'T WAITING, OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!"** {{summoner:31}} "Say please!" {{champion:14}} **"PLEASE OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!"** {{summoner:31}} "Okay." _"Opens the door."_ {{champion:201}} "Mr. Porokins, what are you doing!? I told you not to open it!" {{summoner:31}} "B-but, he said pwease." {{champion:201}} "It's okay, I know you are too innocent for this world." {{champion:14}} _"Stomps in."_ "Corporate Braum, you are the one who writes the, ask the corporates, blog?" {{champion:201}} "I guess you could say that." {{champion:14}} "Then what is with this blatant failure of journalism. People like you are destroying everything that great writers had built up for years. There isn't a single shred of fact-checking or journalism in what you do. All you do is run the first headline you think will get the most clicks, regardless of how true it might actually be." {{champion:201}} "I'm sorry, I do not know what you are talking about." {{champion:14}} "**I DO NOT STINK!** Ever since that article you published, my life has been horrible. I have been submitted to a constant stream of abuse. Things as: _"Did someone just die? Oh wait, Sion just walked in the room."_ And _"What's your cologne, odeur de corpse?"_" {{champion:201}} _"Stifles a laugh."_ {{champion:14}} **"SMELL ME, DO I SMELL LIKE DEATH TO YOU?"** {{champion:201}} "No, really you smell of cold iron and flames. Did you actually read the article?" {{champion:14}} "Well, I uh. No, I just saw the headline. **BUT IT WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME TO KNOW WHAT WAS IN IT!**" {{champion:201}} "I am not too sure. Here, read it." {{champion:14}} "Let me see that. easy to assume, blah blah, dead for decades, yadda yadda, eternal as war. So, you did write the truth." {{champion:201}} "Well, sort of. I just take the questions and ask the other corporates the answers. They do most of the work." {{champion:14}} "And yet you were gonna take the fall for them, I am sorry I questioned your integrity." {{champion:201}} "No problem, you are right, about most journalism these days. And I probably could have worded the title better. But it is as much on the reader to think critically and not jump to conclusions without reading everything, as it is on the writer to state facts clearly and accurately." {{champion:14}} "I am going to spread the truth about what you wrote, thank you." {{champion:201}} "Just please, do not come back."

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