Hye, The Wise Child((Champion Concept))

https://i.imgur.com/dpfZOc0.jpg[] ((Art credit. I lost it. I could use some help finding it again.)) Hye, The Wise Child “If the humans reject me, so be it.” **Region:** Ionia **Resource:** Mana **Role:** Assassin **Position:** Jungle **Attack Style:** Ranged **Attack Type:** Ability Power **Base Health:** 600 **Health Gained Per Level:** 50 **Base Mana:** 500 **Mana Gained Per Level:** 20 **** **Bio:** Left in the care of nature by her mother at the height of the Noxian-Ionian conflict when she was only a child, Hye was raised by the Vastaya and wildlife of Ionia. Now a teenager, she seeks to share her knowledge of the natural world with the humans. Sadly, all she seems to bring to them is fear, their lack of understanding leading to conflict. She seeks only for herself to be understood, even if it means hurting the ones she wishes to enlighten. The Noxian invasion was hard on Ionia, but seemingly none were struck harder than young mothers who were forced to bring their children into a world of bloodshed and terror. One such mother wished for her child to be free from the conflict of humanity, and sought to leave them in the care of the Vastaya. She traveled to every Ionian tribe, pleading, but none would take the child for fear of it bringing the human conflicts to their homes. Then, she found the Lhotlan tribe. The avian Vastaya of the Lhotlan tribe were wary of the human woman in their territory, but eventually, an elder approached her. The elder listened to the mother’s pleas before turning and leaving her, only to return a few moments later with a young Lhotlan maiden. She had lost her child a few years before to a dragon’s maw, and she offered to take the child from the mother to raise as her own. The mother said her tearful goodbyes before handing the child off to the Vastaya, promising to return once the war was over to bring her home. The Lhotlan named the baby girl Hye, and they raised her as they would their own. They showed her the world in its raw, natural state, encouraging the young girl’s curiosity. As the years went on and Hye learned to walk, she often snuck from her mother’s nest at night to gaze upon the stars, ignoring the dangers she had been warned about. One night, she found herself farther from the nest than she had ever been. She looked up, but the stars were gone, the canopy covering them completely. She was deep in the forest, and she was afraid. Worse yet, unseen threats lurked in the brush. Highland Bramble Wolves, agile nocturnal predators, watched from a distance. While not their preferred prey, a human child would surely stave off starvation for the night. So, they stalked, drawing ever closer. What the wolves and Hye didn’t know was that they were being watched from above, for in the trees were eyes yet unseen. Long-Browed Screechers, owls known in the area for being territorial, watched the girl with a gentle curiosity. Even more so, they watched as the wolves closed in for the attack. First came the screeches, warning cries. Hye turned just in time to see a wolf lunging at her, its mouth agape, ready to clamp down of her neck. An owl swooped down, aiming for the animal’s eyes, striking with such force that it knocked the wolf off its path. The wolf landed a foot or so away from its mark, violently shaking its head in a desperate effort to catch the owl in its jaws. The other wolves tried to strike at Hye while she was petrified by fear, but each one was set upon by an owl. In the carnage and confusion, the young girl wept, too afraid to run. The owls took note, flying down and tugging on the girl’s clothes. They knew the way to her mother’s tribe, and they would ensure she got their safely. Under the protective wings of her new friends, Hye followed the owls through the trees, running from the violent battle in the forest. Eventually, the canopy thinned, and Hye once again found herself gazing upon the stars. As her tribe came into view, so too did Hye’s mother and several other tribe members. She soon found herself in her mother’s embrace, enveloped in her arms and wing. While angry, the tribe noted how the normally aggressive Long-Browed Screechers were now docile. Even more so, they noticed how seemingly the entire colony had guided the young Hye home. They learned later the events that had transpired in the forest, and were amazed at the connection that the young girl seemed to have with the owls. From that point on, the owls kept watch over the tribe and the young Hye whenever she found herself wandering at night. As Hye grew, she began to question why she was different from her more avian peers. She had always assumed that she would gain her more animal-like features when she was older, but as she made the transition from a child to a teenager, she knew this wasn’t the case. One day, she confronted her mother, asking a slew of questions. Why was she different? Where were her feathers? What was she? Her mother sighed, knowing that it was time to tell Hye the truth. She told her how she was a human, not a Lhotlan, and that her real mother and left her there nearly 2 decades before so she would be safe from the war that ravaged the country. She also told her how her mother promised to return to take her back once the war was over, but the war had ended a few years before, and her mother had not returned. Hye, saddened by the truth, wanted time to herself, and fled into the forest. There, she meditated for weeks, barely eating or drinking. A darkness fell over her, and the once bright young girl became shrouded in shadows and sadness. One day, she emerged from the forest, and announced that she was leaving to find her true mother. Her tribe was saddened by this, her Lhotlan mother devastated, but they all understood. She was not of their kind, and while they had loved her and raised as their own, she belonged with the humans. It would be cruel to force her to stay. However, Hye promised to spend one last night with the tribe before leaving. When morning came, the tribe gathered at the edge of their territory to see Hye off. Tears were shed, feelings were felt, and words were said. They watched as their human child walked away from the only home she’d ever known, flanked by some of the ever-vigilant owls who had saved all those years ago. There was a home for her among man, with her true mother. All she had to do was find her. Whether or not the humans would accept her, though, was another story. **** **Passive: Peering Eyes:** 90 Second CD Attacking an enemy champion or monster marks them with Paranoia. After 5 attacks, and owl will swoop down and screech, fearing the Paranoid enemy for 1.5 seconds. **Q: Makeshift Wings:** (15/14/13/12/11) seconds | (100/90/80/70/60) mana cost | 610, 180 degree angle Hye twirls, causing feathers to fly from her cloak in an arch. A line of feathers is added for each ability level for a maximum of 5 feather lines. Enemies struck by the feathers take (10/20/30/40/50) damage per feather. **W: Eye Shroud:** (20/19/18/17/16) seconds | (80/70/60/50/40) mana cost | 700 Hye hits the enemy with dark magic, reducing their sight range for (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) seconds. **E: Nightvision:** (40/38/36/34/32) seconds | (90/80/70/60/50) mana cost | 5000 Hye sends an owl to a target location, revealing the surrounding area for (15/20/25/30/35) seconds. If an enemy champion stumbles upon the owl, it will screech, fearing them for (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) seconds. The owl will also peck the enemy, dealing (50/75/100/125/150) damage before returning to Hye. 2 owls can be stacked at a time, and only 2 owls can be active on the map at a time. The owls have a 360 degree view range of 1000. **R: Midnight Assault:** (150/120/90) | (300/250/200) mana cost | 1500 Hye channels for 2 seconds, calling owls to her location before unleashing them on the enemy. The owls will attack any enemy champions within range for (4/812) seconds dealing (35/45/55) damage per second. After the assault, the enemies attacked by the owls are blinded for (1/2/3) seconds. **** **Notes:** Some of you may have noticed young Hye a few days ago. Yeah, I deleted that post. Realized it was a mistake to post her so soon. So this is new and improved Hye. Different ult and changed some things about her other abilities. Also, I have ability ranges this time! One of the problems with Taiki was that he was too similar to Irelia, and I couldn't reference her abilities in game cause I don't own her. However, Hye's ability ranges draw inspiration from things like Kalista's W, Xin Zhao's W, Camille's W, ect, which are things that I can reference in game because I own those champions. So, hopefully she's better now. Still not sure if the lore is possible, but eh.
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