Dragon Queen Shyvana

When I told my friends about my idea for a Shyvana ultimate skin with forms inspired by the different types of dragons in the summoners rift, they encouraged me to pitch it to Riot Games. So, here is my idea for a skin I call Dragon Queen Shyvana. One time I was thinking how it could be interesting to have an ultimate skin that unlocks different forms when your team slays the different dragons/drakes. Instantly I thought of Shyvana as she is a champion that relates to dragons and because of the part of her passive that gets extra buffs when she slays dragons. So, a Shyvana player already has incentive to slay the dragons but this skin would make slaying dragons with Shyvana all that more exciting. _**Forms**_ The skin would have six forms in total. A starting form, four forms inspired by the different drakes (cloud, infernal, mountain and ocean) and then a sort of final form inspired by the elder dragon. All of the forms would have a crown that would change slightly in size to show the champions growth during the game. The starting form would be the most basic of the six forms but still eye catching, like the light form from Elementalist Lux. It would have the smallest crown as Shyvana is starting the game and at her “weakest”. The four forms, inspired by the ocean, mountain, infernal and cloud drakes, would be the middle forms. Each designed to represent the different drakes while also looking powerful and regal at the same time. These forms would have the medium sized crowns. The last form, inspired by the elder dragon would be like the finale, the final form. The player should be striving for this form so it should be the one with the most “wow factor”. In this form Shyvana’s crown would be the largest as she has slain the elder drake to get it, she is powerful and deadly and wants everyone to know it. A kind of “Queen of the Rift”. All of the forms would have their own brand of uniqueness, making the players excited to unlock each one. _**Unlocking the forms**_ Players will unlock the forms as their team slays the different dragons. For instance, if they slay the infernal drake it will unlock the infernal form, if they slay the elder dragon it will unlock the elder form, and so on. When the player unlocks a form, Shyvana will auto-change into the form they have unlocked but the player still has the option to switch between the forms they have unlocked in-game. That way it will prevent the players being stuck in a form they don’t particularly like or avoiding slaying a dragon just because they don’t like the form they will be stuck in. Instead they will have the freedom to unlock and switch between their favourite forms. The skin also gives Shyvana players extra incentive to slay the dragons. It will be like a fun little mini game for them, making them excited to see each new form. There is the chance that if they are not able to slay dragons and change forms, because the enemy team is too strong, that the skin experience will not be as rewarding. But there could be ways around that and if the starting form is still nice to play in, as it is with Elementalist Lux, then that might not matter. Thank you for reading and tell me what you think?
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