On a completely separate note from today's theme; STARTER ITEMS ARE LAME

{{item:1056}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1054}} omg these are pretty lame The problem isn't that they are an item that you'll be selling eventually, the problem (for me at least) is that 1 for a bunch of champs why take this when you could just get into your build sooner {{item:1036}} on assassins {{item:1027}} on some certain characters {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} just because it builds into a few items and for the most part can sometime be better based on the champion {{item:1001}} because none of them are that great {{item:1082}} because it actually rewards you for doing well Not to mention {{item:2033}} which is the ultimate starter for a handful of champions just because how much it offers then on the opposite end you have {{item:1083}} which maaaaaaaybe rewards you when you farm up but is meant to be sold and kinda super niche With the arrival of new support items we've seen a new item evolution mechanic And I think this mechanic could be adapted to make reward a laner for farming by slowly evolving into a (still mediocre but improved version of the base line item) Maybe even throwing on a special unique passive when its fully upgraded (admittedly a weak one like perhaps dorans ring evolves and gets slightly more ap and maybe a slight increase on the mp5 and has a weak scorch passive when fully upgraded) allowing champions to focus on a core build while never feeling like they have a useless item (until late game at least) Perhaps upgraded doran's blade's unique passive grants it a really weak shield on takedowns which could potentially swing a fight Perhaps upgraded doran's shield grants a small bonus of resistances and slightly (temporarily increased) regen to kind of help them go through teamfights Idk these are just some thoughts and I think making them better choices early on (and potentially reworking {{item:1083}} altogether) would make the items be more unique and useful in the mid game
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