Yinluss and Borus the Captain Duo (Story and (2 Player) Champion Concept)

WORK IN PROGRESS-----CHECK BACK 10/13/2018---10/14/2018 for the finished product Story: Last Recounts “Captain, We lost another cannon.” The small spindly man turned to hobble across the deck as waves that curved over the edge just barely managed to reach him in full force. **“Another!”** His voice high pitched and well defined cutting through the wind like the prow of the ship through the water. **“Hear that BORUS, that's the second one this month.” ** Another cannon barrage loosened into the storm ahead of us a massive shadow dived beneath the waves. Captain Yinlus with expert balance upon his walking stick climbed up that giant form known as Borus. His voice almost taunting the giant as he yelled out his name **“If another fails I’m taking it from your share. YOU Cheap Excuse of a Captain!”** Boros suddenly shifted to the side dodging a larger wave as Yinlus clutched onto his arm hauling himself up onto his massive form. Borus simply laughed shifting his balance as he did _**“My share Yinlus? You practically begged me to put a share into that man, a master craftsman you said.”**_ The deck of the endurance suddenly shifted as something collided with its hull, neither stopping the other as the chase continued. **“But it was you that HIRED Him.” **Yinluss knocked Borus upside the head with his peg leg as he clutched the giant's shoulder guard that held him in place. **“Bah. DECKHANDS, FIRE!”** Behind us suddenly four massive blasts shook the deck as equally equivalent harpoons soared through the air. Out of the four however only three actually fired and out of the trio only two expanded into their full forms as the beast erupted from the waves in a blast of purple energy from beneath the depths. With a single wave of its shadow form, the harpoons were knocked to the side and into the waves, the ropes to weak to hold them snapping loose from their points **“What, WAS THAT. What are you Noxians, YOU can’t even aim.”** Yinluss nearly jumped off in an attempt to fix the mistake of his gunman. His side of the crew, after all, getting only the newest recruits. Borus held him back as the chains at his feet grew taut. **“Borus, NO! if it gets away that's our pay for the whole year. Look at the size of it.”** He pointed as the waters began to turn. Borus covered his face as the spray from another wave blasted his face. _**“We don’t even know what it is. Or what it's worth.”**_ Through the mist another bolt of lightning illuminated the hulking form that merged with the depths as it moved. ** “HAHA, its big BORUS, and LOUD, and it Doesn’t Matter what it is. It's going to be a fortune any way we cut its bones. And we’re not lettin it get AWAY!” ** Suddenly the ship hit something, its thick metal hull not enough to stem the vibrations as the sea ahead of us began to glow a sickly purple and green. **“Anchors, Boys, USE them. We’ve DONE THIS BEFORE, HAVEN'T WE!” ** The captain screamed up to the control room whose lights had long since gone out due to poor maintenance. _**“Your Quite right Captain.”**_ Borus suddenly laughed as Yinluss’s Quidrepedic pair of beady dark eyes glared him down. With a massive swipe of his arms one of the six chains at his feet were in his grasp drawing taunt all the way to end of the endurances deck. _**“If I hit this, I’ll be taking your share.”**_ The railing of the deck suddenly broke as the safety reserve popped loose and one of the six massive anchors pulled onto the deck cracking the top layer of wood and denting the metal edge. Yinluss smiled his massive grin lighting up in the storm. **“You miss I take five of your best crew.”** _**“Deal.”**_ Just as suddenly the anchor began to move, the shadow in the distance pushing onward, the Endurance managing in some regards to match its pace after the initial impact with the reef. Borus shook the chains free in his grasp as Yinluss moved to the other side. The deck hands realizing what was happening began pulling back the smoking guns and retracting the anchors for the display that was to occur. A well trained crew by many standards as the anchors began to move., the ships balance shifting without its counter weights. Drawing it closer still Borus used it like a child's harpoon, and with each passing swing the sound grew, rising farther above the storm as his arms began to glow in runic echoes of his past. Turning back I saw his eyes brighter than the sea, a green that brightened his smile as he let loose the anchor. It soared through the air, larger than the harpoons its size threatened the sky with its unatural presence as the beast pulled itself above the waves revealing itself to be more than a shadow as the anchor collided with its back lodging deep in its flesh in a burst of blue energy that broke and dissolved with the void trapped within. A screech like thunder and the two men were at it again, the Captain Duo as they faced the sea and its secrets it held. _**“Now it's a fight.”**_ **“A Fight I’m willing to bet ON!”** These men are bloody crazy. The beast with a single chain to its back turned towards us, its blood mixing with the sea and drawing others from its depths as the storm droned on into the night. Last recounts of overboard survivor retold before he lost consciousness due to a rough wave. Endurance has since gone missing and with this final report we deem its captains dead. Their debts shall be settled by the Bearded Lady. Signed **Gangplank** **NOW- I REALIZE CONCEPT ART IS KEY, BUT I HAVE NONE TO GIVE BELOW WILL BE MY EXPLANATION OF WHAT THIS CHAMPION CONCEPT REALLY IS** (I just started give me a break) "NO BORUS HIT THE STUPID THING" - Borus and Yinluss while confusing in their names are the Duo Paired captains of the mysterious ship "The Endurance". Now while it may be a simple name the ship is far from it, with every impressive haul brought in by the pair brought with it wealth. Yet they could never agree, now while Borus could simply squash the tiny creature and be done with it he respected him as his friend and as such they spent their wealth together to further the Endurances creation. - Eventually gathering magic and technology from Demacian stone anchor caps, Hextech propulsion, Chemtech diving suits, and Ionian spearheads. The ship itself was the pride of it all, yet it never once set itself upon the land, only being added upon by the very few that were allowed to venture out from the safety of their home and for their own curiosity. Borus- The Captain (Tank, Fighter, Support, AD & AP) -Borus is a giant if there ever was a truth more evident. Hailing from Ionia his ancestors had strong connections to the magic of Icathia, but the tales speak only of failure in their magic. -Now Borus uses it in times to strengthen himself and protect his crew. P- **Icathia's Fire**: With every ability cast Borus builds a stack of his passive. When Borus reaches 50 stacks: His Q is empowered (His arms begin to glow) When Borus reaches 70 stacks: His W is empowered (His back runes glow) When Borus reaches 80 stacks: His E is empowered (His head and leg runes glow) When Borus reaches 100 stacks: His R is empowered (His eyes glow) Lv1--Lv5--2 Stack Lv6-Lv8--4 Stacks Lv9-Lv13--8 Stacks Lv14-Lv18--10 Stacks Q- **Get over there**: A point and click ability: Borus Grabs a champion for **(0.5-1.5)** seconds and throws them in a direction after a charge up period. Target is given a shield of blue energy that explodes after 1 seconds unless it is broken. **(50/80/100/120/150 scaling with 40% of AP and 10% of AD)** - Time to charge and range increase with every skill point and **shield duration is increased (1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2)** **-(Q+Passive)-** When at 50 stacks: Both champions are given a shield and are engulfed in flames for as long as the shield is active -**(Constant damage around them 10/25/45/50 per second) **Shield is also doubled. - Drains 10 stacks W- E-** Ancients Oath: ACTIVE:** Borus is given a shield that scales by 60% of his maximum mana over his initial amount for (1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2) - **E PASSIVE:** Borus gains +(1/2/4/6) stacks with every ability cast for every champion nearby and gains +(10/25/50/80/120) magic resist for each level. (STACK Active: Empowered ability causes the shield to scale with 100% of his maximum mana and 20% of ability power) (STACK Passive: Gains an additional +(1/2/4/6) while having it charged and a 20% increase to magic defense) R: **I'm the Captain:** Borus Gains (+40/60/80% AD) +(20/35/50% AP) +(2/4/8% CDR) (+2/5/10% MVSD) for the total amount of mana missing from the total mana pool. -80/60/40 second cooldown (Is not affected by its own cooldown reduction) Yinluss- The Real Captain (Scout, Support, AP) -Yinluss is.... Nobody knows. He has four eyes that are more like black pearls and a grin larger than a Noxian ax. Hailing from Ionia he met Borus when he was young and fueled the big mans dreams for adventure. At first, only using him for personal entertainment her eventually came to enjoy the youth's presence. Although in comparison now with his peg leg and walking stick he is barely taller than Borus's head making for an interesting Duo to see. P- **Borus or Bust**: Yinluss has the ability to latch onto Borus and become untargetable so long as Borus is not killed or becomes untargetable. Upon death, untargetability or by double-clicking the ground in a direction Yinluss will jump off. (Can jump over walls) (Abilities can be cast and have new effects) Q- W- E- R- **Get me a Line**: Yinluss calls forth from off map a single cannon knocking on strike that launches a Harpoon arcing from the behind Yinluss towards a targeted area. -**(Dealing 150/250/350 scaling with 60% of AP) Upon direct hit. ** -**(With nearby hit deals 100/150/200 scaling with 40% of AP).** -When it strikes it gorges into the ground throwing up the terrain and knocking champions to the side and stunning them for **(0.5/0.75/1.0) seconds** -If it hits a champion dead on then it will take that champion to the end of the animation and stun them for **(1/1.5/2) Seconds** Paired abilities P- Q- W- E- R-

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