Ok --- Rammus Rework Gamemode!!!

Thought I'd post this here rather than Gameplay. Here is my idea for a new gameplay mode rotation that will honor the Rammus rework. The entire SR is now a racetrack. All towers are now checkpoints that you must pass in order, going clockwise, starting from the blue base. The Jungle and River are off limits and are blocked by walls. Everyone is Rammus. Everyone is in powerball during the game. Rammus has no other ability to use except powerball, which is automatically activated. There are a bunch of invisible, randomly generated Teemos, that are littered throughout the track. These devils will act as barriers that will knock Rammus out of his Powerball for a few seconds, if Rammus runs into one of them. Everyone has true sight within a certain radius around themselves, so they can detect these horrible little Teemos before they hit them, but this sight radius is limited, obviously. There are power up plants, which look like the blasting knock-up plant, which, if ran over, will provide a momentary boost to Rammus' speed. The goal is to lap SR 5 times and place in the top 3.
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