@Meddler About Faker's new champion

Source:http://www.riftherald.com/lol-worlds/2016/10/15/13292364/faker-interview-lol-worlds-s6-na-solo-queue Ryan: This is kind of a hypothetical question but, Riot is always putting out new mid laners that you guys have to adapt to. Is there anything in the future, as Riot is making new champions, that you would like to see a midlane champion have? Faker: I haven’t thought about it that much, but I really like the idea. If I could pick one thing, it would be a mid laner that has a projectile that doesn’t go straight, and doesn’t come out of the ground. Cause that seems like that’s all it is right now. So, how we can make a projectile without being straight? Some ideas 1) Creating a bullet that bounce once or twice when it encounters a wall (but it still goes straight) 2) Or maybe a double projectile that follows an hyperbola path? (it would be awesome) http://images.treccani.it/enc/media/share/images/orig/system/galleries/NPT/VOL_5/IMMAGINI/iperbole_01.jpg (The Champion in the point "O") Since the projectile doesn't start from you, the bullet does more damage the longer it travels (could be a nice addiction to this kind of spells) EDIT: 2Projectiles could start from A and A' (2 going up and 2 going down following the hyperbola, aka the red line in the picture for X Range! Super Cool!!!) Also aiming the mouse in different points will make the hyperbola change (what will not change is the range of the spell obw) 3) A Projectile that follows a triangle path (U are considered as one of the edges), u can aim it easily and if the bullet returns to you it explodes dealing aoe Damage (This seems very easy to do and not too difficult to balance imho) **DO IT FOR FAKER!!!** Thoughts? Edit:We are on the 2nd page! upvote vor the 1st page! let's beat those fancy memes toghether! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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